Thursday, February 17, 2005

Fuggly Jail Vixens 7

Something good happened to me finally, and it wasn’t a back alley whore in Taiwan either. Ok. Well. It’s not that good but beggars can’t be choosers. My Sister is now sitting in Woburn District jail! Why is this good? It will probably help her in the long run. I would like to see her spend a few months in jail actually. The most recent act that got her sent to jail was stealing 1500 bucks from my Visa account. It’s actually the second time so I am not tooo surprised. The problem with my sister is that my family has always covered for her stupid acts. When she stole, they paid her bills. When she got pregnant out of wedlock, they took care of the kid a lot of nights and weekends. She was in her 30’s and still living at home. Every immature and stupid act she did they covered for her. Now me, I was always on my own. I was out of the house by 18, and never really looked back. My hope is really that she figures out that her actions have consequences. I think with eight outstanding warrants for her arrest, and more charges coming when I finish the Visa report she has a good shot at hitting a stint in prison. Hopefully she will be “Scared Straight”.

As far as Poker goes next action will either be a freeroll on PokerStars or the Talking Poker Tourney on the 27th. You all should go and sign up for it. They are much easier than the Blogger tourneys. Except for Bad Blood. Heh. It’s a 10/1 tourney and the more people the better payoff! Just post a few messages and ask for the password. I think I am going to wait until the end of March to buy in for 300. Look around for some monthly bonus around then.

It is funny how badly a downturn can kill you. Intrepid Card Player was playing for months, like me, and he lost his roll and is out. I think he might get lured back in, but you just never know when a downturn will happen, or a stupid night of lack of discipline. Hopefully the Poker Gods will forgive me and send me some cards!

And for those ladies (or guys) out there interested:

If anyone wants to share what percentile they fall into I will be glad to post. I couldn’t find out what the average Boob size was.. do they measure vaginal deepness? Hmm.. or tightness, now that would be better.. so do your keigal exercises ladies!


Blogger No Foldem Soldier said...

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5:50 PM

Blogger No Foldem Soldier said...

Lets hope she gets straight before her looks go anyway, assuming she had any to begin with (no offense).

My aunt is the same story, 30ish still living with mom, fulltime crackhead steals from "loved" ones, etc. By 31 this bitch looks at least 45, she never spent more than one night of her life in county jail.

Hey good luck in your card playing too.

5:53 PM

Blogger Tony said...

Been down that road, Sir... The best of everything, family, poker, and otherwise...

1:57 AM


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