Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Cocksucking mother fucking cock rag poker wanna be motherfuckers Jesus Christ. I jam my tens with about 10bb left and a fucktard with AT calls me. Flop 227 and the turn is an Ace to fuck my ass just out of the money. Godamn stupid fucking people. How will they ever learn if they keep 3-outting me. Fucking 87% favorite after the flop and I can not take the god damn pot! It is not like it was a small pot either. A fucking 11k pot. With 44 people left. 36 people paying. 400/800 blinds. I could have gone deep with that. Fucking hate you all.


Blogger The Wife said...

Waffles, you need to have a "cock" and "fuck" meter on your site . . . just so we can keep track of how many times you use those words . . . I'm getting tired of counting them manually . . . lol.

Your blood pressure is going to kill you one of these days.

Happy New Year - let me know when you are going to throw your hat in the Presidential race so I can be prepared.

4:10 AM

Blogger Joe-Unimpressed said...

Makes it hard to read it at work. I'm gonna have to file you under NFSW with the sites of "women" writing dirty stories and posting nude pics on their site.

7:38 AM


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