Friday, February 01, 2008


Looks like I will be playing in the big cash game on Wednesday. Sign me up boys! Sorry Mookie I will have to bail on you. It is really nice to have someone who believes that I can do well enough in this to invest a little bit in me. So for the rest of the week I will be shadowing Fuel and figuring out how that donkey plays so I can bust him and make my backer proud. Of course I will need to double up first as I am going to be buying in short.

In all honestly I am pretty excited to play this game. I may lose but playing for "real" money is going to be a nice new experience. Obviously it is a win-win situation for me and hopefully I can give some bling back to my supporter. I am not sure if I will ever play this game regularly. As a hobby I doubt I will have the time to dedicate to getting to those levels. Who knows weirder things have happened.

I feel like I am running super hot though. I just got some free money from Full Tilt and advertising day has also come. I have this great stake opportunity. I have been staying at playable levels for my bankroll with very few slips. Been deep in a few tourneys and tokens lately including last nights Riverfuckers 4th place. Good things happening so far. For now you will have to get your train wreck stories from this poor guy.

In all seriousness I could easily have been this guy. When I started playing poker I decided I would not put any money into it. I make good money at my day job and constantly do sidework for even more money so I could put some real money online. I am very self aware though in some ways and knew when I started I had a gamblers soul. Someone who can easily go off the deep end. So by keeping the limits small and forcing myself to grow a roll if I wanted to play I kept that side of my life separate from my personal life. All in all even if it makes my progress to higher levels slower I think it has worked out for the best.


Blogger katitude said...

Fourth in the Riverchasers, eh? You're welcome.

8:26 AM

Blogger BamBam said...

It was good seeing you at the table for those what????
20-25 minutes last night. (heh)

Good run last night.


ATM with ATC's.

9:44 AM

Blogger Fuel55 said...

Who is this mystery backer?

9:51 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

All backers remain anonymous to avoid ridicule of the community unless they decide to bring it on themselves.

9:59 AM

Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I love it when you talk about your anonymous backers man. Please keep that stuff going, but don't ever tell who it is.

I'm thinking those other guys should agree to a rotation amongst themselves that will keep you and your stack in the big game for every single hand.

10:48 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Are you going to play Hoy? Big incentives now. Not much higher than your normal stake either.

11:01 AM

Blogger KajaPoker said...

this will be fun to watch. i do think that playing with backer money and buying in short is a HUGE disadvantage against this table. you're basically looking to hit some massive hand and double up or avoid confrontations. not sure what your strate-ghey can be here....

11:31 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Pick on Fuel of course. der.

11:54 AM

Blogger $mokkee said...

Don should put up and over / under on you going busto.


12:21 PM

Blogger Predator314 said...

I've been following your blog for a while. Not sure if you remember me from the 2004 days, but I have been reading your blog since then. I remember we were neck and neck at one time building bankrolls back in '04. Then you tilted off your roll. I cashed mine out to buy a house (down payment, not the whole thing) and pay off some loans. I repeated that process again the next year, not for any specific reason other than I was tired of poker and was done with it.

I make good money for my area. However, when compared to someone in a place such as Los Angeles, I could barely scrape buy. You seem to be making good money from your job and side work. Probably much more than myself. I just can't comprehend how you can boast about your salary in one breath and then ask for a stake in a game in another. I would have a hard time doing that myself.

1:25 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I did not ask for one. I left the door open if someone wanted to. I keep my personal finances and poker finances separated for reasons I mentioned. Probably not a bad thing if I can tilt off 3k in a night huh?

What exactly is the point of your comment? Seemed like: I am better than you at Poker, You make more money than me, I am jealous someone would stake you? I dunno.

1:38 PM

Blogger snakster said...

refer to katitudes post

2:39 PM

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

I miss you sweety!!!!! We never talk anymore!

12:56 AM

Blogger $mokkee said...

1st 18-1 team to NOT win the Super Bowl


12:46 AM


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