Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I think I hurt myself last night. I was finishing up playing on Full Tilt and hanging up my two buyin win for the night. I got myself settled in my chair and started the nightly masturbatory fantasy. So I finish wanking off to this nice blond school girl and get up to clean off and my whole right side just spasms in pain. I mean it is like I pulled a muscle lifting the thing or something. Like I am some Bobby Bracelet or something. For like five minutes I am in agonizing pain. I mean enough so I have to breath shallow. After I cleaned up which was not easy I crashed to the floor to wait out the pain. I have had a few of these in the past year. I think it is just from lack of exercise or stress or something but not sure.

As far as the comments on my post. ScurvyDog obviously never reads my blog as I have never claimed to be anything more than break even. He makes a stupid point that I could have floated the buyin. True but not everyone could. Which is why his comment is stupid. I choose not to argue with the wife over taking money out of our account to fly to Vegas and play poker. It is easier that way. Also if you look at the WSOP list of events there is no good NLHE weekend game left. As much as I would like to lose six hundred or more a day taking off of work I just can not justify that.

Al's comment was good though. Go read it if you have not.

I will restate that I love Full Tilt and think they are a great site. However I do not think that everything they have done for us warrants a free pass for a bunch of screwups and basic communication issues they have had. I really could give a crap about the $350 they owe me.. but other points in the post are valid. I have had many conversations with people wondering where their money is a month or two after requesting cashouts. Endless emails that get answered three or four days later. This whole operational procedure need to change. I will say every single person eventually got their money and I have no doubt Full Tilt makes good on everything. I just think they need to fix any cashout issues they may still be having and they need better more up front means of communication.

I will also say that they probably do not have to do any of this. I mean look at UB and Absolute. They had people who could SEE YOUR CARDS and I have not heard of a major downswing on the site. Sure they have lost customers but they seem to be largely unaffected. So Full Tilts minor problems may not cause them to lose any business.

I also do not think brown nosing them because they have been good to me and have given me advertising money is a good policy. If I see something I do not like. If my friends mention things that are not right I will post these things here. As minor as they are I think they need to be fixed. So keep on being a great site Full Tilt and fix your little issues.


Blogger Poker Brian said...

well at least i know what "i am away from my pc right now" really means.

Sinner ;)

11:13 AM

Blogger Wwonka said...

Well said I find it funny that they do NOT have a Phone Number for support issues.

12:57 PM

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Ummmmmm - nice wacking off story. Does your arm feel better today? If you lived here we could go to the gym together.

12:59 PM

Blogger The Bracelet said...

Sounds like you better start switch hitting. Need to build up the muscles in that right side before you yank (Get it? Yank? I slay me) something out of wack (Get it? Wack? I'm fucking rolling!) for good.

It's a well publicized fact that too much time on the porn box can cause MH, or Masturbator's Hip, a disease without any known cure. Prevention is key. Use both hands regularly to build even masturbatory muscle distribution.

Good luck.

1:14 PM


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