Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I often come up with business ideas. My latest is the "Fatties for Patties" app. My friend was thinking about some sort of local, bar type, social networking app to basically do hookups with no strings attached. I came up with one better. You have an application that finds fat chicks who will sleep with you for dinner. The chicks can input dinner level from McDonalds to a 5 star restaurant. Actually they could enter tiers from like:

McDonalds - 5 minute blowjob in parking lot
Bickfords - 15 minute blowjob in my car
Emerils - Anal, Oral, whatever you want baby!

You then walk around town and your beeper comes out.. wave it around "ok.. there is a McDonald's... ahh a Bickfords.."... Awesome idea.

I pull a hysterical joke on my son this morning. He is always worried that if he misses a shower he will smell really bad at school the next day. We are driving to school and I start sniffing the air. I knew he had not taken a shower the night before. I was like "Man what is that smell? Did you take a shower? MAN THAT IS BAAAAD!".. he starts freaking out, sniffing his armpits.. I had to let him off the hook in a few minutes so he did not burst a gasket but it was funny as hell. He gave me props for getting him good.

I took my anger out on some poor Indian dude today. See I am cracking. Normally when I walk I kind of get out of peoples way because I do not want to touch other people. Even if they are on the wrong side or what not. So this dude is walking side by side with his buddy taking up the both walk lanes. Instead of moving over to avoid him I slam my shoulder into him. Was very liberating. I think he even gave me a "what the fuck"... pussy, I will kick your ass.

Still taking days off running until my leg feels better. Peace.


Blogger StB said...

What the hell is a Bicksford? Sounds like a dirty sanchez.

10:54 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

It's a breakfast restaurant like I would assume Waffle House or do you have IHOP?

11:12 AM


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