Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Stole My Thunder

Hoyazo stole my thunder. I was waiting to tell him to shut the fuck up about the Patriots loss to the Giants. I was sitting there waiting for his loser post about the Patriots and how they can not win a game unless they cheat. I knew it was going to happen.. and I was going to tell him that at least my team makes it to Super Bowls and makes it interesting. His team is a perennial failure at post season. I got to see my team play three exciting games while his team picked splinters out of their assholes. That motherfucker Hoyazo beat me to it though!!! He said his team sucks already goddamit! I was looking for something to cheer me up this morning and he ruins it! Cocksucker.

I was very depressed about our loss but I am hopeful too. I think the team will be better next year with all the picks they have. I have to give a ton of credit to the Giants too. Eli Manning took his team through the powerhouses of the NFL and beat them all at home. The fact that the Patriots kept the game so close and had so many exciting chances to win the game was amazing. The Giants Defense SHUT DOWN the Packers incredible offense and the Saints. It was not a huge surprise that this game was very close and the Giants were able to shut Brady down to some degree. I give a lot of credit to their team in showing that good defense is necessary.

How great of a game was that too? I mean it was a dog fight the whole way through. If we made one more catch be it Hernandez, Branch, Welker or Gronk we probably win that game. If the Giants make one less fantastic catch on the fifty yard line then again who knows. If your team is not going to win then at least making it exciting is a consolation prize. Thank you for another great year Patriots. Keep Welker on that suicide watch. Poor kid. I look forward to next year. Football is the best sport in the world.

As far as me.. It is taking a lot of energy to fight to reclaim my life. I admit I kind of fell off the bandwagon this weekend. Had a depressed Monday and felt pretty much like doing nothing today. A little could be related to the Patriots loss. Took Monday off work and wasted the whole day. Did not get up when I wanted to this morning but made it in on time. On the good side I am aware of my mental state and fighting against it instead of just giving in. I am winding the energy wagons back up and moving along today. It gets hard sometimes to clear all the static out of your head. Peace.


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