Tuesday, February 21, 2006


As any good poker player should know there is a bill up for the banning of internet poker. Making is “officially” illegal on a federal level. Most of us think this is a joke at worse. I personally do not like the government telling me what I can and can not do in the privacy of my own home. However, there is one exception to this: BAN CHUCKY CHEEZE! Yes! Have you been there lately? It is a training ground for slot machine playing junkie kids. I mean the whole time I am there my son wants to insert tokens in a machine and win tickets. If he wins enough tickets for my $20 worth of tokens he can get a spider ring or some crap that’s worth .12 cents. The house always wins the house games. I bet if I did a little research I would find some casino VP owns major shares!!! So let’s all write a letter to the esteemed congressman and ask him to BAN CHUCKY CHEEZE!


Blogger Yoyo (Poker Poison) said...

I am soo with you on this one!!

1:00 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

I like the pizza there.

7:39 AM

Blogger drewspop said...

Don't stop at Chucky Cheeses. Any arcade that makes your kid addicted to winning tickets to "buy" crap that they buy from Oriental Trading catalogs in bulk lots of 1000 for $2.00. Shut em down.

My wife already buys that crap so she can give all the kids in the neighborhood tatoos or necklaces at 4th of July, etc. I love spending $20 on games my sons don't even like, but win them 2 more tickets than the games they do like.

Hit a nerve?

8:02 AM

Blogger cmitch said...

Best thing about Chuck.E.Cheese is that they actually serve beer!! I don't know any other place where you can get drunk while your kids are entertained!! ;)

11:21 AM

Blogger TraumaPoker said...


2:01 PM


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