Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Flash to the Past.. Just for my Readers

What a bad night. It was kind of good and kind of bad. I definatly went on tilt again. It was not as bad of a tilt as in the past though. I think I did pretty good considering the night I have had. Bankroll is intact.

So it starts out with an SNG. AA vs 44 all in. Flop is a four and thats it for me. Second SNG, TT vs A4. Ace on the flop. Goodbye to me. I then start playing poorly and lose a 10$ PLO tourney.. basically just sickened by the cards and pushed when I knew I was likely behind. So down thirty clams fast.

I decide to do something I rarely ever do. I stopped playing and went to get some food. I then came back. I played another SNG on Stars and Paid Trauma back some money I owed him from the first HU Challenge. SO I am down $65 by now. Down over $95 in two days. Ouch. I hate that. Hope you choke on that 25 Trauma. (Just Kidding! You know your my favorite absentee blogger).

So then I go to Titan poker. I am steaming by now and do not want to destroy my Stars bankroll anymore. Just the bad calls and stupid plays getting to me. It gets hard being ahead so often and losing. Sorry. I am good and have the worse luck. It is true. Ask Trauma!!!

So Titan went something like this..

Lose a 20/3 SNG.

Play Blackjack and win $40.

Lose a 20/3 SNG and a 10/1 MTT. I actually did well in the MTT until I had JJ. Raised 1/3 a guys stack pre-flop. He calls with A5. A99 flop. I do not make the easy fold. Mostly because I am steaming like crazy by now.

Win $70 in Blackjack.

Lose $30 at 3/6 limit.

Win $70 in Blackjack.

You get the idea. The blackjack tables have been good to me lately. I play 1 hand every once in a while and either win or lose. Mostly win. Flipping a coind is fun!

Ended up making twenty bucks on Titan for the night. All on Blackjack.

So I take another break. Something I rarely ever did in the past. I then come back and decide that it is not my night and I decide to do something else I have rarely done. I decide to play 5$ SNGs. My night was going to shit so I decided to lose slightly less at a time. I played a 45 person SNG which I lost to an ok play. It did not suck but it was not great. I settled down into a 27/person SNG and finally ended up in second place. I should have taken first. Here is how the hand played.

I have some junk hand like J2. The flop comes 24T. Now I bet out and I KNOW I am ahead. Because I am scary good. I get cold called. The turn is a T and I PUSH about 10K of my 15K stack into the middle. So basically I have pushed most of my stack bluffing at a ten, having third pair, and pretty sure I am ahead. When he calls my heart sinks. I still can not put him on top pair but he must have second pair. The river is a five and I bet out here. I have about 2K left. He would have no chips left. Well, he flops his 35 OESD, call off most of your stack, hit the five on the river for a bigger pair, win. Ouch. That HURT BAD. REAL BAD. So I end up taking second. I guess that is the best I could hope for tonight though. I will hit it again tomorrow.

Although I had somewhat of a meltdown I think it was different than in the past and less crazy. I am sure as hell not perfect and will tilt again in the future I am sure. I hate those extended losing periods (about a week so far, lol). However I like some of the things I did by leaving a few times.. and stepping down a level.. So maybe there is hope for me yet.


Blogger TraumaPoker said...

Paying me was supposed to help the bad beats, I sent an email to Pokerstars asking for river cards for you!!

5:11 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

At least 83o looks a lot better after playing blackjack.

6:05 AM

Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Nice work cashing in that last tournament while obviously tilting, Waffles. Now, do you find yourself typing Reservoir Dogs-like obscenities into the chat when pokerstars is killing you like that? I used to be a real hellmuth type, only far, far dirtier and ruder to people at the table whenever I got tilted, but I've trying hard to control it ever since. The last couple of months have been much better for me in that regard.

Best of luck, maybe see you in the WWdN tonight?

8:24 AM

Blogger iamhoff said...

At least you've got the blackjack. Actually, you did the thing I usually do when I get on a down streak. Change of scenery. Go to lower buy-ins. Switch games. Change sites. Something to shake things up. Glad to see you had a cash. Now, back to the winning streak. Save the 83o for's actually a good hand there!

8:40 AM

Blogger Yoyo (Poker Poison) said...

Sounds like you are getting a better handle on the tilt monster. Hope? Yes..I think so!

8:54 PM


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