Friday, February 03, 2006

No More Cash Games

I have no idea why but I suck at cash games. I always like to get ALL my money in with the best hand and I always like to lose. hmm. Anyhow.. I am quiting the O8 cash game adventure for now. I really have not had alot of luck there. I am following in the foorsteps of my Hero - The Film Geek and becoming an all MTT all the time kind of guy. Of course he went two months without a cash. That is kind of scary. Anyway.. I will play 2-3 MTTs a night of a denomination of $10 or lower for now. I will mix it up with O8, and HE and even maybe a stud game or two. If the bankroll grows then I will play higher level games.. we shall see how it goes.

** AMMENDED: There is one place I will play cash O8. It is TITAN. They sent me $20 and I can not beleive how bad the players there are. I mean I regularly scoop pots with 2nd -low, 2nd-hi, and people are capping the bets here! Unfortionatly they only ever have enough people for one game. It is usually .10 or lower. So while I am up $2.80 (or 28BB! Sounds much better) It will take forever to win any money.


Blogger DuggleBogey said...

You actually had me excited enough to join Titan until the last sentence. Doh!

5:01 PM


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