Friday, April 27, 2018


Brutal run of 10 losses in a row finally kicked in my destructive streak. Blah. Anyways building it back up.. Going to play out the $30 I have remaining. Still cashed out $50 earlier so am only down a few bucks..

Going to become a $4 Omaha cash specialist. OMG. It totally hit my gambooler streak today.. lost 4 buyins then came roaring back and won 7. 6-Max Omaha is fun as fuck at the $4 level.. but probably not gonna live long on my $30... Anyways the side effect of this is I get to play a lot of .11 cent tourneys. I donked out of one last night which didn't help.. Raised 1200 pre.. got called by J8.. I had J7 but that is still a horrible call.. flop gave me TP Gutshot Flush draw.. no way I am folding there. However it gave my opponent 2 pairs with his J8.. sooooooooooo.... I was doing ok till then.

Kinda glad I hate poker.

Pushup failure happened this morning. Oh well. I still did 88.. Gonna try and enjoy the weekend. Fishing derby with the kids. Peace.


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