Monday, April 23, 2018

Meltdown Smeltdown

So I failed to make my goal this week. Not the most horrible thing in the world but still disappointing in week 2. I did have a nice meltdown on Saturday that did not help. Basically ate up my profits for the week then fought back and got my losses back. I kept getting so fucked so far up my ass with stupid people calling with bullshit hands and going runner runner on me.

Anyway that is poker. I am implementing a 2 game stop loss. If I lose two in a row I take a short break and peek at cute anime girls buttocks. Just finished the disastrous life of saiki k, and watching the second season of WakFu.. as well as some other Anime on Netflicks. They have really gone all out with this stuff. I think it would be cool if they bought crunchy roll and like for 1-2$ a month extra you got all that content.

So this is a new week and I am starting up $42. Took third in my first game of the week. I made one mistake calling a short stack with 55.. this guy was pretty tight all game and he had QQ.. I convinced myself he could have AK and I should race. I should never race.

That one ended when a guy who was min raising my blind all day long min raised my blind. I was already ITM so I shoved over the top of him. He calls with QJ s0000ted and flops the flush draw, turns the flush, and rivers a second flush just to rub it in.

These things are always such a coin flip at the end which is why I think my strategy of trying to always just cash... then switching gears and getting super aggressive to win is a good one. I can usually outplay my opponents on the flop. I am slightly concerned that my most outcomes come in 3rd and 4th... but.. still...

Almost to my first 50 hands tracked. My results so far 19/24 with a profit. Over 43 hands. Lets see what this week brings. Goal for the week is to crack 300. Lets see how we do.

1st 4
2nd 6
3rd 9
4th 10
5th 3
6th 3
7th 4
8th 3
9th 1


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