Thursday, June 24, 2004

What are people thinking..

I am playing online in the .5/1$ Empire Poker table. I am playing very strong opening hands only. I am up $7 in the first 5 minutes.

I do not know what people at these tables are thinking. I have been called at the river several times with A High nothing, Low Set, and other junk. Even when I bet heavy into every hand, I still have 2-3 people calling everything.

I just do not understand these people. I think my strategy of going in on premium hands only let's me almost always win large pots at the river. I understand I will never make alot of money here, but this is crazy! I kind of like doing a tourney game (I came in first in a 5$ NL), and using $5 from my winnings to try and make some money at the little tables.

Soon I will be caught up from my loosing ways. I dropped $200 while learning how to play better. I am up to $145 now, with about a week of good play. Not too bad.

Anyway, I downloaded Poker Tracker and I am going to start playing with the free version. So far I have not seen much good, especially since there are SOOOO many people, I hardly see the same ones. But maybe it will help. Will post about it sometime this week.


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