Saturday, December 10, 2005

Winter Wonderland

It was a dark and stormy night in New England. The snow had been falling for hours and some lightning, hail, and thunder mixed in the make an average day for the region. As always I was busy working away until the wee hours of the night. At eleven o’clock I decide to leave my toils and hesitantly head for my car. My trepidation was caused by the fact that I was low on gas and was sure to run out soon. Why I was driving around on one of the worse nights of the year with no gas, well, my friends, that is just my way.

The car slowly turned over. Barely sputtering and the engine roared to life. For once I had avoided the suckout and was cruising towards home. Until the river card that is. Now I have no idea why I thought the laws of physics would bend for me this one time but the inevitable happened and the car sputtered to a stop. The winds howling around me and the temperature dropping I used my lifeline and called AAA. As a gold card member I was told that I would receive special treatment and they would have someone come by before 3AM. So with my last chance at survival dashed I sat in my car slowly freezing to death in my tee shirt and fall jacket.

Several moments later she rode up on her dark blue stallion. A hero come to rescue me before my frigid yet deserved death. She stood tall in her 4 wheel drive jeep, tight jeans, and even tighter ass. She had no fear as she approached my car to see if she could help. Even though I had a weeks worth of scruff and a ganstah jacket on she bravely approached and offered her assistance. I would find out later that she was an army brat and could kick my ass if need be. What a turn on.

She drove me to the gas station and spoke a strange, mechanic’s language, to the gas troll guarding the bridge. We secured a container and some gasoline and headed back to my broken down steed. We were able to get some gas down its throat, even though it took me a while to find the lever. Perhaps I wanted to prolong this encounter with this enchanting lady. We laughed and joked about things. I told her that I had no mechanical ability even though my father did.. she instinctively said “You must be into computer then”.. I learned that right brained mechanical people lean towards the cerebral sciences. Smart. Tough. Pretty. Mechanical. Wow. What a savior. As she road off into the night she just asked one thing “Pay it forward”. I guess I will never know if she was an angel from heaven or a hero of earth, but I thank her for being a special person on a bad night.


Blogger Veneno said...

Is the vacation over?

4:41 PM

Blogger DP said...

"Why I was driving around on one of the worse nights of the year with no gas, well, my friends, that is just my way."

Sounds like something I would do... err, I mean, am about to do. Lol.

5:34 PM


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