Sunday, February 26, 2006

Match One: She Live Up to Her Name

12:01 Already a raise, are-raise, and an all in. This one is going to be wild. Veneno draws first blood with QQ.
12:02 Veneno pushing the advantage of the first win with a lot of pre-flop raise action. She has a 1700-1200 early lead.
12:04 Veneno bluff the flush for a little win. Up to 1900 chips so far.
12:05 The Smack talk is well.. lame. Cmon Cats! Scratch!

katitude: poker gods ahve abandoned me
yosoyveneno: did u give them any eye candy?
katitude: yeah. apparenty they love brad more
than clive tho
yosoyveneno: but of course
katitude: lol
katitude: i ahve to pour my coffee of my heads
gonna explode
yosoyveneno: dont injure yourself on my account

12:09 Kat drinks coffee.
12:11 Kat Raises 180 and Veneno folds. Kat starts winning some chips back. Almost back over 1K.
12:14 Big pot. Kat bets, Veneno Raises, over 700 chips in the pot. Veneno pushes! Kat calls! Veneno has QUAD 4’s! Ouch! What a suckout! Quads vs. Kats Boat. Kat had KK and flopped top set vs Veneno. The turn brought the Goddess of Suckout the one outer Quads! She has lived up to her name for game one.

The "Kat Fight" lived up to its name too..

sirfwalgman: go Kat.. Go Veneno.. Go Kat.. Go Veneno.. Go Ripped Clothing..
kat: lmao @ waffles
yosoyveneno: already off
yosoyveneno: but i had to remove myself
yosoyveneno: well just the top
ingoal: (drool)
ingoal: lol
kat: mean we were supoposed to wear clothes??
yosoyveneno: at least somebody is paying attention
yosoyveneno: optional
kat: phew
garth: Hot oil counts as clothes, right?
yosoyveneno: but i like to build it up
kat: then I'm safe
ingoal: woohoo
kat: lol...
sirfwalgman: leather pushup and leopard panties are fine
yosoyveneno: and then take it all down
kat: *grins wickedly at waffles
kat: it's allll about you eh?
yosoyveneno: who?
sirfwalgman: always
kat: waffles
yosoyveneno: oh right

I can not wait for the next match. Women and Poker and Exploitation RULES!


Blogger katitude said...

Spur of the moment haiku for Veneno:

Cards shake on the breeze
That sails Kat's boat away
For Dems Quads Beetches!

It was fun V!

9:40 AM

Anonymous Ingoal said...

Woohoo! What a nice match and the POISON has really live up to her reputation again...dem quads couldn't believe it at first! So V 1-0 the next game will be do or die for K, this should be interesting!

9:59 AM

Blogger Veneno said...

I still can't believe that I agreed to be exploited, but I must admit it was fun. Only because Kat is so cool!

10:45 AM

Blogger Jules said...

Question - who is really exploiting whom here? ::evil grin::

3:23 PM


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