Thursday, December 06, 2007

32-34 Baby!

Huh? What the fuck is Waffles talking about. 32-34? Today I did something I normally hate but it felt good. I enjoyed it. I went clothes shopping. Normally I get really self conscious when I go clothes shopping. I know some chick like Lana and CK are standing behind me off to the right a little saying "Dammmn girl, can you believe the dorky clothes that dude is looking at", "haha! ya what a tard!".. Alright I do not really think LJ and CK are like that.. Carmen maybe? heh. I was pleasantly surprised that my fat ass fits in clothes that are waist 32-34 still. WOOT! Still short though with 29-leg being the best fit.

What made me go shopping? Partly I needed clothes for Vegas and partly sitting down in my car this morning and having the button of my Kaki's shoot off my waist, fly around the car, and almost blind me convinced me it was time for new pants. The holes at the bottom of the crotch did not as I saw those as opportunities to show my junk to hot chicks at the right moments.

I do want to say though.. for an old guy like me.. Shopping at Sears is pretty good. I know all you youngsters go to the brand name stores with fancy smancy names. I feel Sears has good stuff I like at cheap prices. I highly recommend them. If Sears would like to advertise on my blog please contact me.

I got two pairs of jeans for Vegas so I could be comfortable and two pairs of kaki's. The jeans I got were very comfortable. I got a pair of Canyon River Jeans which I had never heard of. There are a few types. One type of the jeans had a tiny little silver button. I could not undo it for the life of me. Am I fucking arthritic now? Jesus. I actually think it is bad design by the fucking jean maker. I should sue. They make these tiny little holes with these dime sized buttons. Fuck them. I also got a pair of Levi's because I could not find another pair of Canyon River that did not have the fucktard button.

I ended up with two pairs of Docker's for the Kaki's. Very comfortable. The different models of the pants actually fit way different. I mean the difference in one word: Worn In, means a totally different fit and possibly different clasping mechanisms. I never knew the world of fashion was so complicated. I got out of the store with my four pairs of pants for the low damage amount of $104. Haha! Jealous much women? You suckers would have to pay 5x more for the same clothes.

I also donated a few bucks to service men returning from Iraq. Sears is having some promotion where you can donate 1,5,10 bucks to buy some clothes/toys/etc for the men and women returning from combat over the holidays. I figured I would save up some Karma for the tables this weekend and donate a little.

Last but not least: I had a great time playing poker last night. I ended up playing LJ style. As much as I tease LJ about being an aggro donk (she can be) I appreciate that being aggressive is winning poker. I started out with that premise tonight against my table and re-raised with pockets pre-flop.. raised most hands I was first into the pot with and check-raised a bunch of TPWK flops. Not sure all of these things are always good to do but I enjoyed myself. I also pushed the issue if I thought someone had a weak hand until they proved they were not going to fold. I picked up a few nice pots that way with air.

Finally I think LJ had enough of me being aggressive. She is used to me laying back with my legs in the air instead of taking charge. I looked down and had the bitches in my hand. I knew LJ was going to raise because thats what she does and so I re-raised her and she decided to jam with J9.. I insta-called pretty sure she had nada and she turned over what will be known as the LJ from now on: J9o. I heard the boys on the radio giving her a hard time about that hand and had to admit it was fun. I do want to re-iterate that I think the style of play LJ uses is why she has been a successful tourney player and I respect the hell out of her. Even though sometimes she gets trapped and looks a little silly she totally plays the game the way you should.

I finally lost focus and interest in the game and made a call where I knew I was likely wayyyy behind. I also lost a coin flip here and there. I really need to keep focus through these games if I want to win. Last night though I had a great time. I may even try and scrounge up a few bucks for tonights game. Anyone who wants to trade FT dollars for PayPal or back me for the Riverchasers let me know. See you all in Vegas tomorrow night!!


Blogger bayne_s said...


You better hope LJ doesn't have a computer in Vegas or she may kick your ass!

11:24 AM

Blogger JL514 said...

did you really just write a post about pants?

12:43 PM

Blogger Shrike said...

Enjoyed playing with you man. Rest assured, I put your chips to good use! :)

1:28 PM

Blogger Jestocost said...

Khakis, man, Khakis.

2:53 PM

Blogger jusdealem said...

Too funny

3:02 PM

Blogger Alan aka RecessRampage said...

The best part about that was like few seconds before that, she was giving me a hard time about playing AJ and busting an AK when I flopped two pair and all the money went in on the flop... few seconds later, she doesn't say shit but we here Sean go "and LJ is all in with J9!" We were like "J9!?" That was freakin hilarious.

11:57 AM


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