Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Rama

Everyone is commenting on the new President. I am glad Bush is out. Obama has a lot of fixing to do. George broke the country good. I predicted much of this in my early pre-second term Bush posts. Did anyone listen to me? Nope. My predictions for Obama is that he is a classic slick speaker but is one of the boys. He is not going to change much. I think he will be great for our international relationship with the world. He is going to have a really hard time with our domestic state. We are just really fucked up and it will take time to change. I think there is a good chance he makes it to a second term and possibly then he will be able to make some lasting changes. Not all full of warm fuzzy hope though. Ah well.

I did think that this video was wicked cool. I would love one of those. Good for the ole road rage. If nobody survives there are no witnesses. BLAHAHAHAHA! Oh, did I say that out loud? Oops. I did think that the opening in the top was too big though. I think a well placed grenade could really fuck that gunners sex life up.

I also read a bunch of people talking about the chance of assassination. I even saw a bunch of Psychics predict it would happen although they had him surviving the attempt. If Jody Foster can cause a president to get shot then Obama sure does have a chance of attracting some nut bag. So how many of you have him on your celebrity list for 2009? Cmon fess up! Hopefully nothing like this will happen.

I do like the fact that Obama has really caused some racist activity to come out of the closet. I find it fascinating that people can hate for skin color. I remember working with a black man once. So shoot me. It is not my fault my field is not very diversified. He would always tell me stories about racist cops. It really surprised the hell out of me. I thought Massachusetts was a pretty open and progressive state. I remember one time a cop said his Kia went from zero to sixty in the block between the lights and the entrance of our workplace. I mean a fucking Kia!!! Shit those things run on a wind up key. No way. So they stopped him and ran him for warrants and everything came up clean so they let him go with a warning. I was pretty shocked at the time. It really opened my eyes. I think as a Nation we have come really far but there is always going to be hatred of some group or another. I guess until we can accept ourselves and stop being miserable we are going to try and blame things on someone else.

Ah well those are my thoughts. Tonight is the Skillz and tomorrow the Mookie. I doubt I am going to play either one. I am being conservative with my kindling bankroll. Hopefully it will shoot up and be able to sustain the weekly Blogger circuit.


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