Thursday, February 05, 2009

Fun Times at Mookies House

I actually had a really good time playing the Mookie last night. Thanks to my benefactor for spotting me a buyin. The table selection got really nasty at one point as I had MiamiDon, LJ, Sucko, AND Chad at my table. Three of those four jam any freaking hand if you give them any chips. You can guess which ones.

I started out keeping pretty even. Took some chips off Astin to get back to my starting stack. I then coolered the hell out of Hoyazo. That was a blast. I am not sure if I would have folded here. I sort of doubt it. I raised and Hoyazo called. The flop comes J99. Hoyazo leads out and I cold call with my Queens. I do not want to spook the poor boy. Next comes another nine giving me the bigger boat. I was pretty positive Hoy had the Jack, so when he lead out on the turn I put him all in. He called with his KJ and I was off to the races.

I put a slight beat on LJ. I was in the small blind and running a little close to the ten blind minimum. It folded around to me and I jammed my weak Ace-three off. LJ instantly called with a small Ace-five off. Normally this hand ends in a tie but since we are on Full Tilt I obviously spike my money three and dodge her seven outs to the river.

Sucko decided to double me up somewhere around here too. The "BW" honor was way to tempting for the boy and he called my all in with K8 vs my AJ. Nobody improved and I took down a nice pot. Later Sucko got a little frustrated at some bad luck and spewed off the nice stack he had earlier built. LJ was the benefactor of the final good sized chunk and she was back in the game after I crippled her.

We got down to the final table and I played a tight semi-aggressive game. I snapped off a jam from LJ this time having the better Ace-Junk. I really considered folding to her jam but Ax was a huge possibility so I called. She then had a run of bad luck and then finally got in behind with 66 vs KK only to flop a six and lose to a runner runner AAAKK boat. I guess it was not the Sucko-LJ tag team night.

It was between Jordon and I for the Bubble boy and I figured I could just wait him out. I was right and made it into the money. He had a good stack coming into the final table but made an aggressive play against LJ and found himself on the short stack.

I got some pretty crappy cards but was able to keep my head above water until four people were left. I was the shortest stack and jammed the suited Mook. I figured I had enough chips that April would fold some of the weaker hands she might have. She thought about it for a few and then the Waffles power kicked in and she was like "How the fuck can I fold to him". Unfortunately instead of having the race I was looking forward to April calls me with AT and has me totally dominated. I did flop the gutter draw but was unable to pull it out. At least my chips went to a lovely and talented lady.

A guy who really deserves to win a Mookie finally took one down as our very own ScottMc was able to hold onto his massive chip lead and win the whole thing. Congratz to Scott. I am just happy to be on the Mookie Leaderboard for this year. It was also nice shutting out Team Schuabs since it looked like they might both go all the way at one point. Go Team Tragedy!


Blogger Shrike said...

I was at that table too. If you keep slighting me I will hire a midget to egg your house.


9:25 AM

Blogger Bayne_S said...

Does donking off chips with AT realy count as being at table PL?

10:31 AM

Blogger Shrike said...

Well, I did get to fold a *lot* before doing that. At least I can say I lost 5K in chips with AA, AKs, AKo, and AT.


10:38 AM


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