Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Vegas Baby!

In response to "The Wife's" post. First off I don't see what goodness and light have to do with that time of the month. Totally opposite in my opinion. I am trying to get into an excited mood for this trip. Her post has helped a little. So here are my answers to her questions:

A. Drink until you have a tendency to say (or do) inappropriate things?

Umm.. Do I ever say anything appropriate?

B. Throw money around a table with friends without regard to probability, necessarily?

Not this year. Some years I like the pokering. This year I am thinking about hitting the bar and socializing whatever that might be. Apologies to Dawn for ruining her easiest way to get money for a plane ticket. Sorry Babe!

C. Hug anyone and anything you might have some passing familiarity with?

Sounds good to me! I may get smacked, arrested, and/or kicked in the sack. Might be fun though.

D. Kiss your friends, regardless of race, creed, nationality, gender, or poker-playing ability?

Now I KNOW that will get me arrested. So I guess I have to pass.

E. Listen to loud music played by grown up men wearing spandex?


F. Watch football with your 50+ closest virtual and actual friends?

Oh yeah. I am gonna let the kids place a bet on a full card parlay too. It is fun spending 10 bucks for a chance at a grand or so. Last time I missed it by 1 OT game. Fucking Hate Vince Young ever since.

G. Eat, drink and be merry?

Have you seen my tummy? OF COURSE!

H. Take photographic evidence?

I will leave that to others.

I. Do things that you might not want your children or your parents to know about, but that will give your pals story material for years to come?


J. See me in purple?

Highlight of the trip for sure!


Blogger The Wife said...

Excellent - see you there . . . and I'm expecting my novel so I can try a new series . . . but not in Vegas.

PS - If you leave Vegas without having said SOMETHING inappropriate, you're doing it wrong.

8:29 AM


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