Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stupid Karma

Fuck you Karma. I mean I like you when you smite Bayne but fuck man why do you hate me so much. I think I got Karmic whiplash for ruining Bayne's craps weekend. I was talking to the wife this morning and her boyfriend was saying he needed to cut down on expenses and was not going to Irish breakfast with Michele like he planned for the last month. Um. Dude. That is the most retarded thing I have ever heard. I fear my get out of jail free card might not work out.

I am still in training for my Marathon. Comments from "friends" so far.

- So this is what a midlife crisis is like
- Yeah, right, Marathon, you.

I shall do this. I walked my mile today. Sweating like a fucking pig. The weather is getting nicer. So now I just have to stew in my sweat juices for the rest of the day. See the sacrifices I make.

I am still working out details with Mr. Hawk for the 3.80 SNG conference. Details forthcoming. Fuck I may play the Mookie tonight. I mean the rants that game inspires are really some of my best art. Latah.


Blogger Bayne_S said...


Stop waiting for Nick to improve your life!

But real question is why did you think you could escape kharmic backlash for messing with my weekend?????

2:45 PM

Blogger The Blue Knave said...

Warning, even *thinking* "fuck you karma" is asking for trouble.

7:58 PM

Blogger Thorn said...

So, what exactly is the "Mookie" that always seems to pop up on the poker blogs?

11:14 AM


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