Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good News

Looks like PokerStars has begun the process of getting money back to players. Have not received an email from Full Tilt yet but I am sure it will be coming soon.. and hell, I have money to withdraw!

I am now doing the workout grind. It does seem like a grind sometimes. I work out 6 days a week. Albeit small workouts. I run 25 minutes 3 days, and do 80+ pushups 3 days. I get one day off. Whee! That day is actually Friday!

I met up with Buddies Hunter in Warcraft last night. It was pretty funny. I am not sure he knows how to resurrect his pet.. :P. I sent him some bags and money then he told me that his account can not receive things yet. Hopefully he will get it all worked out.


Blogger Josie said...

Wow, 6 days a week? If you can do that, I can too! Erm....I think.

9:40 AM

Blogger Predator314 said...

What realm do you play on WoW? I'm totally addicted to WoW these days. I have a pretty sweet Mage which I just joined in a raid group getting ready to start a 2nd progression for our guild. Also leveling a ret/prot pally (leveling pallies is like using cheat easy).

8:32 AM


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