Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Bear Down, Chicago Bears

Bear down, Chicago Bears, make every play clear the way to victory.
Bear down, Chicago Bears, put up a fight with a might so fearlessly.
We'll never forget the way you thrilled the nation with your T formation.
Bear down, Chicago Bears, and let them know why you're wearing the crown.
You're the pride and joy of Illinois, Chicago Bears, Bear down.

Fuck YA! Bears official fight song baby! GO BEARS! Fucking Tony Homo throws 900000 interceptions to give the Bears a crushing win but more importantly to give me VICTORY! I take the week in Josie's pool. I beat Josie for a second week! Catch up to Seb a bit. In our pool it was only good enough to tie with CEM but that is fine! FUCK YA! SO excited to win!!!!

I am 12th in Josie's pool now. I really need to do well in all my picks. I do not know who that Ed guy is but he is fucking good at picking. Of course I could just win a few weeks and still make some good money. FUCK YA!

Thanks to Josie. *kiss* *kiss*. Waiting for my extra reward!!! BWAHAHA! Love you!


Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Did I say FUCK YA!

2:31 AM

Blogger Josie said...

Lol holy crap you won. Congrats baby! You get to play tor free!

3:55 AM

Blogger JT88Keys said...

Wow do my Cowboys (or more specifically Romo) suck. And Cowboys Stadium sounded like Soldier Field.

6:54 AM

Blogger sebszebra said...

I have taken the liberty of putting together some score-tables, similar to those I do for the motor-racing game I run, to augment the fine work done by Waffles. I set up a simple blog for somewhere to plonk them.


10:02 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Holy crap dude you do so much better job than I do. :).

10:05 AM


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