Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bad Play of the Day

I am back to my winning ways which has my mood a little better. Nothing worse than losing. Taking second in the Stars 45/SNG helped alot. Score 100 clams for your favorite Blogger.

Here is a hand that won me alot. I got berated by the table captain.. I have AQ and I raise up 3xBB to 1200. The blinds are 600 and I have a HUGE stack of around 8K. I get one caller. The flop comes KJx and I do the normal continuation bet of 1200. I immediatly get re-raised another 1200. Now here I have some odds. I assume my Ace might be good.. and the straight would be great. Now I have position in the hand. I have made a semi-loose call but it is not horrible. Slightly bad.

The person I was playing against made her BIG mistake here. She bets out 400. Now this is stupid. However .. let's evaluate what she called my raise with pre-flop. Close your eyes if you do not like spoilers. KTo. Now her play makes total sense from her part. She just made a decent size raise that was cold called and now she has no idea where she is. Did I raise AK, KQ, KJ, AA, something else? She does not want to lose any more money but it is too hard to put me on a hand. So by making the mistake of playing KT pre-flop, she basically screws herself here. The river is a T. Again she can not put me on a hand, probably she is thinking AK. So she pushes the rest of her 6K stack into my NUT hand and I bust her. So here is a lesson kiddies: If you can not play your hand hard do not play it. Berate me if you will but the turn bet she put in was by far the worse move of the hand if playing KT at all to a raise was not.


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