Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Phil Gordon Rocks

From the Brilliant mind of Phil Gordon (Ok, I admit it, I will do anything for Chicken Wings):

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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It is a very strange experience to turn on the television and see yourself starring in a commercial... I recently did a commercial for "Hooters" and let me tell you, it is something else... Judge for yourself...

Phil Gordon's Hooters Ad

One interesting note: when the commercial shoot concluded, they gave me $5000 in Hooter's Gift Cards.

With that in mind, I'm officially announcing the first contest for my MySpace Blog:


Write a short couple of paragraphs on why you deserve a $100 Gift Card to Hooter's. PLEASE POST THE ANSWERS HERE FOR ALL TO SEE! I'll be judging, and by this time next week, we'll have a winner and a $50 runner-up. You will be judged on creativity, Hooters imagery, and your ability to make me laugh. If you'd like, I'll personally autograph your Hooter's Gift card before mailing it out to you. Have fun and dream about mounds of Chicken Wings....

Let the Games Begin!

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My Response:

Top Ten Reasons Sir Waffles ( should get the hooters card:

10. Married with children, damn man does that not qualify me for a little Hooters Action?

9. Watches Celebrity Poker Showdown religiously and think your way better than David Foley.

8. If you do not I am going to come to Full Tilt with my $200 bankroll and hunt you down!!!!!

7. Once won a Chicken Wing Eating Content – I will do you proud man!

6. We have so much in common, you worked on AI projects and sold your company for 96 million during the Internet bubble, I make cute little Panda web sites for old ladies and sell them for 96 dollars if I am lucky.

5. Would rather raise 76c in middle position with a small stack than A2o. (I know, I suck at top ten lists)

4. You contribute millions of dollars for charity, I will try and fleece a small field of contestants in a Luekemia charity event on Full Tilt:

What: Suckout on Luekemia
When: Sun, Feb 26th @ 17:00
How Much: $10 + 16
Password: playforjill

3. I promise if you choose me I will never come to Hooters in Vegas! NEVER! You won’t even need a restraining order.

2. One of the five people who bought the Little Green Book. Ok, ok, you got me there, I did not buy it, I won it from Dr. Pauly (, but I might have bought it someday!

1. Know people who beat you in Roshambo for cash and have the pictures to blackmail you with (!!!

I did my best people.. Hope I at least made Phil Laugh.


Blogger April said...

Will you please quit harassing my future husband??

1:11 PM

Blogger fairnbalncd said...

Letterman and Kimmel beware!

4:02 PM

Blogger drewspop said...

Hey Sir, thanks for stopping by my crappy spot. I will let you know how Foxwoods works out. Been by here before and never even knew you were in MA too.

4:56 PM

Blogger iamhoff said...

Classic! You got my vote!

10:27 AM


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