Thursday, February 02, 2006

The best and worst..

Well, SirWaffles luck caught up to him again tonight as the WWDN. Very dissapointing after playing well all night. I was going to write a nice, huge, post about the game but I am just sickened. Playing the final table was fun. The hand that got me to the final table was good too. I raise the hammer 3x. I have about 1K chips with 100 blinds. I had been playing like a donkey and losing all night. So when the flop comes all low cards and someone bets I decide to bet hard. They insta-raise and I push knowing I am doomed. The hammer has let me down. Until they turn over a 25 OESD. I AM AHEAD! WOO! They never make the straight so score one for the Waffle.

So time passes and I get to play with Joanne, the scary lady, and the Film Geek. Then comes the soul crusing defeat of the night. I raise 4xBB pre-flop and get called by Stone_11. Mind you we had been playing at the final table for a while and everyone had been strong but good players. Unfortionatly for this one hand Stone lost his mind. He calls me with AQ and I push him in on the flop. I have AK. All under cards. I was happy to see I was ahead. 94% ahead by the turn as a matter of fact. However it was not to be and the evil queen hit the river. I felt like throwing something. However I am now just sickened. Oh well I guess 7th place is ok. I am pissed at Stone at least for tonight.. tomorrow my friendly self will come back and I will feel bad about the things I imagined doing to him..

*** UPDATE: I actually lost BIG hands tonight. One at a cash table where I was a 95% favorite on the turn and the final table one where I was a 94% favorite. Apparently the odds took a break for the night and decided to kick me in the balls. Fucking Holdem. The hand in the cash game was AKs vs J7. I raised 1.25 pre-flop. I get the one caller. The flop comes down 733. He pushes in for 21$. My entire stack at the table. I have 9 flush outs and 8 overcards. I hit an overcard on the turn and he rivers his two outer to make a boat.


Blogger Wes said...

Sorry, I cursed you.

11:32 PM

Blogger Yoyo (Poker Poison) said...

You know better than to go all in with the best hand. Haven't you learned yet? Actually, that really sucks. I liked that hammer move. Very slick!!

11:47 PM

Blogger iggy said...


That was truly a horrendous beat. I can still hear the silence on my headphones as the Q hit the board, when only moments earlier there were chants of no Queen no Queen no Queen. However, I was surprised at how you handled this. I was expecting an expletive filled non stop rant, but you remained rather composed considering. You played the hand correctly and had your money in when you were ahead. Congratulations on your finish.

6:21 AM


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