Thursday, February 02, 2006

The best and worst..

Well, SirWaffles luck caught up to him again tonight as the WWDN. Very dissapointing after playing well all night. I was going to write a nice, huge, post about the game but I am just sickened. Playing the final table was fun. The hand that got me to the final table was good too. I raise the hammer 3x. I have about 1K chips with 100 blinds. I had been playing like a donkey and losing all night. So when the flop comes all low cards and someone bets I decide to bet hard. They insta-raise and I push knowing I am doomed. The hammer has let me down. Until they turn over a 25 OESD. I AM AHEAD! WOO! They never make the straight so score one for the Waffle.

So time passes and I get to play with Joanne, the scary lady, and the Film Geek. Then comes the soul crusing defeat of the night. I raise 4xBB pre-flop and get called by Stone_11. Mind you we had been playing at the final table for a while and everyone had been strong but good players. Unfortionatly for this one hand Stone lost his mind. He calls me with AQ and I push him in on the flop. I have AK. All under cards. I was happy to see I was ahead. 94% ahead by the turn as a matter of fact. However it was not to be and the evil queen hit the river. I felt like throwing something. However I am now just sickened. Oh well I guess 7th place is ok. I am pissed at Stone at least for tonight.. tomorrow my friendly self will come back and I will feel bad about the things I imagined doing to him..

*** UPDATE: I actually lost BIG hands tonight. One at a cash table where I was a 95% favorite on the turn and the final table one where I was a 94% favorite. Apparently the odds took a break for the night and decided to kick me in the balls. Fucking Holdem. The hand in the cash game was AKs vs J7. I raised 1.25 pre-flop. I get the one caller. The flop comes down 733. He pushes in for 21$. My entire stack at the table. I have 9 flush outs and 8 overcards. I hit an overcard on the turn and he rivers his two outer to make a boat.


Blogger Yoyo (Poker Poison) said...

You know better than to go all in with the best hand. Haven't you learned yet? Actually, that really sucks. I liked that hammer move. Very slick!!

11:47 PM


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