Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Frustrating Nights

Man this has been a weird week. Very frustrating. Somehow last night someone turned my aggression module wayyyyyy up and my smart module down a notch or two. Either that or I was just getting VERY unlucky.

I started of the night down two $10 SNGs. In one of them I had made the illustrious 3K number. This number is how many chips you need to just cruise into 3rd place. Of course once you make this number you need to slow down and relax. Only play really monster hands. Be willing to lay down hands sometimes. Instead I busted myself on the bubble.

So then I decide to play the WWDN. I really like Wil's event. If you have not played it it you should. It brings together a myriad of people and different skill levels from Wil Fanboy's to really good players. I got out to a REALLY nice lead of 5K in chips and then the aggro monkey got me. I call an all in with A7, and the other guy flips A2. Of course I lose. What was I thinking? I am not sure where I lost the rest.. I know I lost a decent sized hand to Nickerson. He was short stacked and raise pre-flop with 77. He hit a set on the flop to bust my two pair. He only had 580 left, so I am not sure it would not have been right to call with just overs to the board. It was a HUGE 3-way pot. After that I just kept losing. Being a little too aggressive. Etc. It was a shame. However it was pretty cool to see Boobs come in second. The final table battle was epic as it was long and some REALLY good poker was played.

So I play a $50 SNG to recoup my loses. Came in third and I am break even for the night. I again could have done better in this. I had a 3K lead at one point and pissed off alot of chips with 88 on a KK7 flop, 5 turn, 3 river. Why the hell couldn't a BIG card come? He had KQ. Not sure why he did not bet it harder. I think he was afraid of AK. Third works for me though.

Next Fluxor convinces me to play a 6.50 turbo. At this point of the night I am angry, dissapointed, tired, and should not be playing poker but I go ahead and do it anyways. I push all my chips on a draw just because I felt like it and thats it. Then Fluxor and Veneno and Weak Player team up on me and MAKE me play a 2-Table 5.50. This is going to be it for the night. So what MIRACLE hand happens here. I will tell you. In some weird quirk of fate Fluxor, Weak, and I get into a hand. I raise $150 pre-flop and get called by the two of them as well as three others. I have pocket Kings. Fluxor then PUSHES on the flop. The cards are 984. Now, if there is one tell that Fluxor has, it is that he pushes whenever he has a weak ass draw. So I go over the top of him and weak calls also. Umm. That sucks. Everyone else drops out. So we flip our cards and I am up against TJ OESD with Weak Player. He was getting 2.5 to 1 on an 8 to 1 draw so he liked his play. Fluxor has 57 for a GUTSHOT straight draw. Anyone want to guess who won? Congrats Fluxor! He took me out later when I had TPTK against his Straight and Flush draws. At least that is a draw worth risking chips for. So that was it for the night. Very aggressive play by me. Not so good results.


Blogger Garthmeister J. said...

Bah - sounds like it was a bad night for KK. I got rivered myself in Wil's tournament holding KK which hurt me severely.

10:40 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Actually, as CJ will probably come by and tell me, I was not favored against 3 opponents with my KK and there 12+ outs. HOWEVER: How can you possibly win in poker? If people are willing to risk there ENTIRE SNG on 4 or 8 outs then what can you do? I can not beleive either one of them thought they were ahead at the time.

So basically you just have to make the right move, and when you actually win, or when people actually fold, or what not, then you will come out ahead.

2:12 PM

Blogger Jordan said...

Stupid question, but when is the WWDN tourneys?

2:19 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

WWDN: Tuesday night is the East Coast early Show, Thursday Night is the West Coast Late Show (10:30EST I think). Go to Wil's site for details.. but it is basically Stars / Private / WWDN. Password monkey.

3:04 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I ammend my last comment. I actually was favored when the flop came.

52% vs (16% and 30%).. so 53% vs 46%. Of course I was 67% pre-flop.

I also have to say Weaks Odds were much better than I though. 2.5-1 is a little short, but if he is going to win 1-3, 1-4 times he is pretty close to making that call, right?

I guess I have faulty thinking in HE: When you have the best hand make it cost them alot. Instead I should be meak and weak and a pussy and never bet anything. Even check the river with the nuts.

I guess there is no way to really win in NL HE except over HUGE expanses of time. Hence good bankroll management, etc, etc..

3:10 PM

Blogger Yoyo (Poker Poison) said...

Wow..We can actually MAKE you do things? I had no idea we had that kinda power.

Hey you will have better days..


8:20 PM


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