Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Its boring being "responsible"

Yup. Sorry folks. I hardly even have the motivation to update you on my status. I have stuck to my MTT/SNG plan and its working somewhat. I still am waiting for that nice final table in one of the tourneys however I rarely ever finish out of the money. The one exception this week was when I invited Drizz to play. Go figure. I have been mostly hitting the Stars tourneys but played a few on Titan. ITM again but no big hits. I have also been playing HE MTTs and SNGs with the same mediocre success.

I have also been having a ton of success at the .10 and lower O8 games on Titan and even Stars. It is hard to lose when 9 people see every flop. Of course I will never make any real money this way. Oh well.

There is always the WWDN tonight! If you remember last time I was thwarted on the final table by someone with AQ vs my AK. I have driven his name from my conscience mind but have gotten over it. I was kind of a bad sport. Oh well. I am an emotional player and try to be good but sometimes.. I still think I owe KtKatrina a beating too.

The WWDN tourneys are very good. It is a mix of really good players (me) and really bad players (all of Wil's readers).. heh, just kidding.. Some of the best players ever play in these games. Lucky for me a third of them(at least) are drunk of there arses. The real reason these games are so sweet is because the field is smallish. You usually get between 75 and 100 players which I beleive is an amount of players any decent player has a shot at beating. The huge field games are really tough but with a couple of good hands you can score in these smaller games. I guess it cuts down on the amount of times you need to get lucky or something..

So see you tonight. WWDN is on Stars. The password is monkey. Always with the monkey. Actually the monkey is one of my favorite animals. I had a stuffed monkey for several years as a child. Since I am deaf in my left ear I bit his ear off. Can not have the freaking monkey hearing more than I can!!!

While I am off on a rant I might as well poke some fun at Stars. You might remember a while ago I said Full Tilt should add to the filtering capabilities as Stars recently did so I can find the game I want to play faster. Ok. Now its your turn Stars. What the hell is it with just listing the top 30 players scores in MTTs!!! It never bothered me until recently. However, what the hell is the problem? Does it cost you more money to list everyone's score? Your going to the damn database to get the name of every player anyway, I doubt bringing back a ranking is going to strain the data stream. I love how Full Tilt shows you everyone. It gives you a quick and easy way to tell if you should limp into the money if you so choose that path. If everyone from 30-50 has a stack around your size and 30 place pay then forget limping. Your going to have to do alot of work. However if there are alot of small stacks hanging around then maybe you go ahead and limp. Either way more information can never be a bad thing. Unless ignorance is bliss. Except in Poker and sometimes after Y. Anyway, it has been fun ranting at you.. time to go back to work. Good luck and I hope to see some of you tonight.


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