Monday, February 27, 2006

Still Running Poorly

The week has not gone very well. Both of our Frogs have died. My wife wanted to just replace the first Frog that died immediately but I think it cheapens his existence. Instead I took him out back and buried him. We have a nice gravestone that my son can visit whenever he wants to. We both said words over the frog and he cried a little. I think it worked out well. Our second frog died and he is buried next to the first one. I have been reading up and I am not so sure fish and frogs mix. Frogs tend to be a little more delicate in an aquarium environment. Thanks for the bad advice Fish Nerd! Freaking Petco. To top it all off my daughter, yeah three is cute, threw a marble at the fish tank and broke it. A leak started up so I spend half the night transferring fish to a new Aquarium. At least the Aquarium itself was pretty cheap compared to the kit I originally bought. Pretty soon I am going to get another Aquarium from a guy at work who is giving one away and build a home for some larger, more land based frogs. Hopefully these will do much better.

I am still getting crushed in every SNG I play. I basically have only won one game in the last week and a half. It is getting on my nerves a little, although the 1080 cash kind of soothes things over a lot.

So after losing a few games tonight I decided I would switch to a cash game. Garth was playing on Full Tilt. I did not ask him what limit. So I sit down on a 100/NL table with my entire Full Tilt bankroll and prepare to kick some ass.

It was a blast.. I was helping put one guy on tilt which was fun. Unfortunately he only lost one buyin. The night was pretty mediocre. I called an all in with AK vs 55 and luckily the river double-paired the board and caused his fives to be worthless.

I like a hand I played against weak. I had nothing, but I sensed his half-pot bet meant he had shit too, so I re-raise him another half-pot with my flush draw. He folds like.. well, a weak_player. lol. I taunted him a bit and he said he would play the exact same hand with a monster and bust me. Ohhhkay.

The one good hand of the night though was when some tool buys in for $40. He plays a few hands. Is a little aggressive. I have pocket eights and I limp. The flop is T23 and the guy does not seem to have the ten. So I bet pot. The turn brings an seven. The board is now two flush and one over. So I pot it again. The river is a jack, no club, so what does the guy do? Pushes in! He has a four and a busted flush draw. I win. I felt he was totally bluffing so I called.

He then spent a while berating me. I told him it felt wrong. He said he would play the exact same hand with a monster and bust me. Ohhhkay.. Here is my thinking on this hand:

A. It is a cash game. As long as you are staked properly (which I am not but go with me), it is just one buyin. So if I lose a buyin to a read that is off then so be it.

B. Trust your reads. I can not say this enough. Unless your instincts are totally wrong sometimes you need to trust yourself to make the right move. Your brain is calculating millions of variables and coming up with the best match. Sometimes even if you do not know why it is right to call.

C. Buyin for an entire buyin. If I had to call an 80$ bet instead of a 28$ bet on the river it might have had me second guessing or waiting for a better hand. As it was I had no reason to fold, pot odds to call, and a feeling I was ahead.

Anyway, I could have waited for a better time. I could have just been a NUT hunter, but that is not my style. I like to outplay people like certain other bloggers I know. I may not be great at it yet but it sure feels good..


Blogger Unknown said...

Generally a player will lose too much money trying to "outplay" people in the $1/$2 games and below.

6:56 AM

Blogger CC said...

My next door neighbor when I was seven (an adoptee from I think Greece) had a pet little turtle that died. She made me wear pantyhose on my head (no veils in the house), and we had a funeral for that turtle. I happened to drop the bible I was carrying, and she then screamed, "You can't do that--there will be an earthquake! We have to pray now that there won't be an earthquake."

I'm not sure how she adapted to American culture as she moved six months later. And I still won't wear pantyhose on my head without getting the creeps.

1:10 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

"And I still won't wear pantyhose on my head without getting the creeps."

Your missing out on some good Sex!

2:15 PM


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