Thursday, November 12, 2009


Boston (BOS) to Denver (DEN) 12/11/09 2:50 pm - 5:33 pm UNITED 779
Denver (DEN) to Las Vegas (LAS) 12/11/09 6:50 pm - 7:52 pm UNITED 779
Las Vegas (LAS) to Washington (IAD) 12/13/09 10:50 pm - 6:24 am UNITED 40
Washington (IAD) to Boston (BOS) 12/14/09 8:30 am - 10:06 am UNITED 860
Hotel: Hooters Casino Hotel
Room reservation: Marshall Howland - 1 adult

Hooters Casino Hotel
Check in: Fri 12/11/2009 Check out: Sun 12/13/2009 Nights: 2

Not bad for $400 total trip. I have some concerns so I am checking things out with Dr. Pauly the resident expert on scum hotels in Vegas:

Dear Dr. Pauly,

I need your advice desperately. If I stay at the Hooters Hotel in Las Vegas will I have any of the following problems:

1. Catch weird disease from the sheets
2. Get eaten by mutant cockroaches
3. Get Shot to death in the parking lot
4. Get Gang raped by a bunch of tweakers
5. Anything my lilly white Ass would not like.

Any advice would be appreciated.

You Bestest Fan Ever,

I had to pull the trigger though so I went ahead and booked. Who else is going anyways?


Blogger John G. Hartness said...

Hey Waffles -

Special K stayed there a month or so ago and said it wasn't bad. I'll be there with my wife, Special K, BadBlood and some folks from our home game. See you there!

10:48 AM

Blogger BamBam said...

Stayed there in it's last incarnation, (The San Remo) and thought it was OK as far as a room off the strip goes.

We stopped by after Hooters took the place over and honestly, only the dealers outfits had changed. (for the better mind you! ;))

We'll see you there.

11:49 AM

Blogger Mondogarage said...

You won't get gangraped, but you will lose a kidney.

Sorry I won't be there this year. I probably *could* have pulled it off, but it just didn't feel right. Next year, with the wife, that's a great target.

Would really like to meet some of youse sometimes, since all I've met is BWOP, and clearly she set the bar pretty high for you degens.

1:26 PM

Blogger Schaubs said...

Fuel is GAY.

2:15 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

Did you NOT consider that since it is Hooters that you will be visited every night by a horny woman with mongo huge ones?

3:09 PM

Blogger Pauly said...

My answer to your questions are here.

1:20 AM


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