Friday, June 25, 2004

Bad Night - 6/24/2004

Oh well. It happens to everyone. I had a bad night after the good night I previously reported. I was up to $150. I then proceeded to loose 2 $10 tourneys badly, and $5 at a table game.

The first $10 table the only mistakes I made were calling into large bets with marginal hands. For instance, I would get an A3 suited, which is a hand I love and always want to see the flop for. Unfortunately there was a guy at the table that constantly raised 200$-300$ just for the hell of it. He was taking hands, but more often than not, he did not have to show. It is a very interesting strategy, probably not for me. So anyway, I would get a little antsy, and call one of these bets, get a bad flop, and finally ended up in a bad way. If I was smarter I would probably have laid down on those bets, and let other people go out faster.

The second $10 table I do not think I made a mistake, I just got killed at the river.
I start with a marginal hand 8h 10s. I am the big blind, so I check in, and get to see a flop. The flop ends up being 10h 5d 3d. Sweet. I have the high pair! No straights in sight. A possible flush, but not bad. So the guy with all the luck at the table calls me all in. We flip cards, and he has Qd 2d. I am thinking I have a good shot at this. Just need to dodge 2 25% chances and I am doubled up. As shows up. I am thinking ya! I am going to make it! Then the Kd comes, nailing me at the river. I feel bad about being beat, but I do not think it was a bad bet. If anyone has an opinion let me know.

So then I am getting angry, decide to play .50/$1 table to try and make back some of my money, and play poorly and loose there too. At least I was able to just say goodnight and wait for another day. We will have to see what happens tonight.


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