Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Anatomy of a Poker Blog

1. Get excited about playing Poker
2. Decide you need to have a Poker Blog to track your progress towards your eventual WSOP win. This will make the book you write about your WSOP experience easier.
3. Start Blogging. Write some good stuff about your tilts, loosing money, how your getting better even though your losing a lot of money, etc..
4. Wonder why nobody reads your Blog. It is good, right? Who cares! I am doing this for myself!!! .. anyone out there .. ?
5. Read every Blog you can. Drop subtle hints like “PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LINK TO MY BLOG”, so you can get some feedback on your writing.
6. Receive your first “BLOG COMMENT” this is a BIG day! You are now established. All Hail your Blog!
7. Decide, since your Blog is now famous, that it needs enhancements. Steal every good Poker Blog idea and put it on your site. Of course the change of the text from black to purple makes your implementation unique. Add the mandatory winnings counter, and “Blogs I Read” Sections.
8. Decide your Blog is sooo famous, you now have 5 comments, that you should profit from it. Add the Empire Poker Affiliate Link, as well as the Poker Book links.
9. Figure out you are an expert at Poker after a good night and start giving people advice.
10. Refer to Chris, Iggy, Lord Geznikor, and Felicia as your buddies. You have their utmost respect! Your with the IN crowd.
11. Run out of good material and start posting your hands on a nightly basis.
12. Really run out of things to say and start talking about your Cat Felix.
13. Really .. Really .. Really .. run out of good material and start doing lists.
14. Go on an amazing tilt, lose all desire to play Poker (Not to mention your money), and stop Blogging, citing “Amazing amount of work lately” or “My Cat Felix Died and I just cannot Blog anymore”.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Believe me, I'm not the "in" anything. Even in a group of misfits, I'm a misfit, lol.

Welcome to the wonderful world of poker journals!

Felicia :)

11:47 PM

Blogger Sloejack said...

Funny how reading this you can easily identify the, "Gosh I've done that" items. I think the non-conformist in me went on a bit of a tirade because the first read through the list I made the mental list of things that did and did not apply to me/my blog and by the time I got to the end the pointy headed fellow on my shoulder was screaming, "How dare he lump our blog in with all those others! We're special damn it!" Yeah, in that short bus kind of way.

1:09 AM

Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

Keep up the blogging. Eventually if you blog enough people will start rading.

7:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazon links: gulity
Poker Affiliate link: guilty
(actually going to come down soon - no-one's ever used it)

Welcome the crazy poker blogsphere!

Maudie 8^)

2:55 PM

Anonymous lingeries said...

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6:31 PM


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