Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Good Morning

Had a really nice morning. Up $56 in one session of 1/2. Best session of 1/2 I have had yet. Everyone at my table would call any pair down to the river and jump right in. I got lucky getting several flush and trip friendly flops that worked out. I got into the zone and pissed someone off. I had 45h, and made the flush at the river. The only reason I was in against his AKo was because I was up so much, and was going to leave, so wanted one more pot. It feels good when your on a lucky streak and cannot lose.

On another note, why do people get sooo mad about poor/bad play in 1/2$ Hold Em? Do you not expect people to call things to the river? Play badly. Raise crap? Why do you yell at someone who made his runner-runner flush when A) He had pot odds, and B) It's only 4 bucks to see it until the end? I really get annoyed when people in 1/2 get mad at bad play. It is to be expected by a percentage of people there. I always jab people who do this as much as possible. Especially when they lose with their J high awesome hand!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehe, I hear ya. Here's another one. Party 2/4. I'm in the BB and get A2s. Flop gives me A35 (two of my suit). Now I've got a flush and a straight/straight flush draw. I lead out and get raised. I call, turn comes 2. Lead out again, am raised and call. River gives another A, I lead out, guy thinks and thinks and then calls. I got the boat and then he shows his AK and says, "Gotta love Party".

I may be tight, but I normally wouldn't play A2s, but I was in the BB and got to see it for free. He (and another guy) had been complaining all night. I decided to break my silence (I know, bad move) and said that I got to see the flop for free (yikes! talk about setting yourself up for a raise). He actually came back and said that he wasn't complaining about my hand, he was just frustrated. The other guy, however, was just crazy complaining, yet he'd stay in with _any_ ace. Hard to figure them out :)

There, now you have a comment :) I'm adding you to my list.

Chris H.

5:57 AM

Blogger Sloejack said...

Using your comment as a prod I also stepped into the $1/$2 waters this morning. I found the game to play a little better than $.50/$1 but not to the point where it was a bad game. In fact, the only reason I bailed on it was because I had to go take care of some work so I walked away +$42 on a ~45 min session.

As for the griping from players, I normally ignore it and figure they're just moving a step closer to tilting. I do get somewhat annoyed at the people who taunt the bad players because frankly, if they want to play bad and donate their money to my great cause, I'm happy to support them. I only see bitching at them and making them leave as a bad play on someones part. You can't have good sessions without the fish. :P

8:04 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...


Just wanted to say that I read your blog and enjoy it. Keep it up! I agree that you need to keep the fish in the pond!! (Of course I have not decided if I am a fish or not yet, guess as long as I keep winning it says something). Some people are just idiots. Like they own the world of Poker and if you do not do exactly what they want you suck. Oh well.

- Sir

8:26 AM


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