Friday, March 04, 2005


I am pretty damn proud of myself last night. I left four bucks down and did not go too crazy with a really dead night of cards. I know that’s pathetic. So what. I hate leaving behind and it causes me a lot of problems. I am better than most of the people I am playing again so why should I leave down, right? Heh. Working on it.

I got to play a total of six hands in about three hours of play. Either I am too tight or I was getting nothing. Looking at PT I see a lot of J4, J5, J6 cards so I think it was one of those nights. Hell I made .35 on AA and like 5 bucks on Q5. Go figure. I am coming around to the wait until you hit a monster mentality. It is obviously harder on nights when the monsters are hiding under the bed.

One hand that kills me even though I think it is the best choice normally was when two guys were both all in pre-flop. Just about the first hand of the night. No reads on the table. I was dealt pocket J’s, which are tough hands to play. I had one guy before me raise all in. I REALLY thought about it and decided that for the most part going all in with J’s before the flop is just stupid. So I fold. The guy behind me goes all in. They both turn over AK and do not improve. Helllooooo. Let’s go all in for the .35 cent blinds with a drawing hand. Even though I would have tripled up on my first hand of the night I need to make that fold. As Felicia tells me there is no woulda. The hand is over once I fold and that’s it. If I did the right thing then I can hold my head up.

I had a few really fun people at my table. One guy bets his entire stack on the flop of 7K7. He gets one caller, and flips over “The Hammer” for a nice win. He types in the chat “The Hammer!!”, so I ask if he is a blogger. Nope. He does read 2+2 a lot and says that there is A LOT of good press for Hank and Iggy’s book there! Go guys! You put the hard work in now reap the benefits. It is a MUST READ if you play limit.

The other fun guy was a maniac. He would go all in with any two cards anytime he felt like it, and then tighten up again. He goes all in pre-flop with J4 s000ted against AK. The flop is some J5J thing and it is over before it started. I was laughing my ass off. The guy who lost was not too happy and called me a Fag. Well I am a Blogger and I was wearing the Party purple shirt. I never said anything about the hand out loud; I was just chatting up the maniac and being pals so he would stay. Unfortunately I never caught any cards to take advantage of this crazy table.


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