Sunday, February 27, 2005

Bloggers are Gay

First off a message brought to you by the number 7, and the number 2 and the letter Booyah!

***** Hand History for Game 1648977029 *****
$1/$2 Hold'em - Friday, February 25, 23:53:01 EDT 2005
Table Table 11427 (6 max) (Real Money)
Seat 4 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 3: Sixes ( $29.25 )
Seat 5: Paatygirl ( $63.5 )
Seat 6: FWALGMan ( $68.5 )
Seat 8: goldencrema ( $15.25 )
Seat 10: Sirus395 ( $16.5 )
Seat 1: spookykid77 ( $17 )
goldencrema posts small blind [$0.5].
Sirus395 posts big blind [$1].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to FWALGMan [ 7s 2d ]
FWALGMan: you gotta tell me in email or something what you had in that hand against golden child..
spookykid77 folds.
Sixes folds.
Paatygirl folds.
FWALGMan raises [$2].
goldencrema folds.
Sirus395 calls [$1].
** Dealing Flop ** [ 4d, Kh, 4s ]
spookykid77: lol yeah maybe
Sirus395 checks.
FWALGMan bets [$1].
Sirus395 folds.
FWALGMan shows [ 7s, 2d ] a pair of fours.
FWALGMan wins $5.5 from the main pot with a pair of fours.

It just goes to prove a point, perception is better than reality. When I raised so much pre-flop, obviously everyone jumped to the conclusion I had one of (x) number of hands. AA,KK,QQ,JJ,AK,AQ,AJ maybe. When I came out firing after the flop it became clear I had AK. Right? So it really does not matter what cards you play.

Poker is still frustrating sometimes. I have not decided what I want to play yet. I have been hitting the ½ 6-Max, sometimes it’s really good, other times it gets sickening when people call your bets with 26o and beat your AA. Someday maybe I will learn acceptance. Someday. Maybe.

I played 4 SNGs, and placed 3rd a few times and out once. I think I ended up breaking even about. I played some ½ 6-Max for the hell of it. Sat down at a BB table for the fun of it.

I then went to my meat and potatoes money maker: Blogger Tables! Woo Hoo! I had a good night and cleaned up. Ended up around 75 bucks in the positive. If it wasn’t for this one biatch at the table who called down my every hand with crap and rivered me several times I might have been up A LOT more!!

The funniest thing is my big money maker for the night was 88, when I went all in vs AK when Mr. Sister types into chat "No Limping" and raises me two bucks. I kinda put him on AK,AQ or something and was a bit tired of the no-limping rule, so I say "Fine, No Limping!!!" and go all in. I sorta expected him to fold like a newspaper, but he calls me and I win the coin toss.

I think my biggest blunder was putting Poker Geek in for his entire stack when I had AQ. I say "All in jedi!", because he went all in on a pseduo bluff last hand and lost. It turns out he had AA and was more than happy to double up off me.

So the net for the day was like 5 bucks. Lol. This is what kills me about Poker. I might switch to NL. At least it is exciting betting all in and seeing what the cards say. I also want to become more of an MTT expert like the Poker Geek. I also have to go back to my fail safe: LOOK AT DOUBLEAS BANKROLL! DAMMIT!

So we shall see what happens in the next few months. It’s really funny sometimes. I know all the right things, it’s implementation that is the hard part in Poker. Consistent implementation of Da Rulez!


Blogger Shelly said...

Yes, I bore witness to your hammer and basked in its glow!

I had nothing against golden child on that one hand. A busted draw. Forgot we were playing limit, the land where bluffing is impossible and all of the fish call you down...

3:17 PM


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