Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Replies to current comments

We interrupt your regularly scheduled insanity for some actual content from the comments I have gotten.

First by cmitch: What is the scoop on Titan.

LOVE IT! It drives me crazy when I loose focus, but it is a fish fry. You have a ton of people buying in for the 100% bonus and losing it just as fast. I can not tell you how many times in limit I have had AK, raise pre-flop, flop is 3KQ, bet, bet, bet, turn is a T, bet, bet, bet, river is a 3, oopsie, I lost to T3o.

It IS that good. The tourneys are smaller than on other sites. With great overlays. The 3K guaranteed.. ten bucks for a shot at $1K! You need to beat 100 people. Hell, you could suck at MTTs and get lucky and you would at least finish ITM. Last night my favorite beat was the J6, two pair on the flop, A8 calls and all in!! What in gods name was he thinking? LMAO! Ok, so he turned the trips and kicked my ass but that is exactly what you want in a site. DISCLAIMER: IF you are a shark reading this, please be advised you can not find enough people to quad table and the software sucks so please stay away.

Second by DuggleChicken: Is that really working for you?

I assume by the question you are asking has poker in general worked for you? Has being insane worked? I dunno. I do not think this plan is actually insane. Possible a little aggressive and naïve but not insane. It is different but has some merits. Poker in general has been mixed. I have talked to many people. The majority of people have LOST money playing poker their first few years. MANY MANY people I know who Blog have yet to make money playing Poker. So I feel like I have been doing something right. Making 500-600 bucks in almost two years of playing is better than losing I suppose. I just have greater expectations for myself. I have lost some patience and discipline (if I ever had any) but I do not see myself as a lost cause by a long shot.

Anyway, as always, I am happy to have posted this content. At the very least it generates conversation and hopefully causes people to think about the WHY of their actions. It has been entertaining so far at least.


Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Thank you so much SirF. No kidding, reading this entry (specifically the Duggle answer) really helped me put my recent losses in perspective. It seems like every player I meet is a winning player. I recently lost half of my bankroll (over time) which caused me to doubt myself. But I'm still up overall for the year, and I guess I put too high expectations on myself. What you wrote about how most players are overall losing made me put things into perspective.

And thanks for not gloating on this blog about your very respectable win against me last night heads-up. I still want to kick your teeth in from the voice chat gloating though. Hahaha! I know it's all in good fun. Next time, I'll do the gloating.

9:13 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I never gloat.. in public.. well sometimes.. You played alright. Every game is different. I thought you were tougher in the first one. You made a good laydown in the second one, but you overcommitted yourself before hand was over and folded at the river when I put you to the test. I had nothing stellar in that hand, I assume you were on a draw or had doubts about your hand. That was the one hand that turned the whole game. I owned you after that.

11:33 AM

Blogger TraumaPoker said...

I want a piece of you heads up Wallfeman....tonight after I get my WSOP fix...or mabye before I could always TIVO it.....

2:26 PM

Blogger Veneno said...

I'm ready for another piece of you too! It is sooo sweet...

Your blog has been excellent lately..keep it up!

9:39 PM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

Insanity wrapped up in tilt. I love original content man. Keep it up :)

8:47 AM


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