Sunday, December 11, 2005


I made the money in Titans Freeroll. I went out in 21st place or so for $15. Not bad for free. I got knocked out when I tried to get cute against a MONSTER hand. I have A4 in cutoff and I raise all in. I had 1800 chips left because my pocket 5's lost a race with AK a few hands before. The blinds were like $600 now, so I figure I go and get called by at most 2 people. I get called by two people. I am not sure what the second one had. However, at the river, the other guy turns over THE HAMMER! To kick my ass out of the tourney. Ouch. If I knew it was "The Hammer" I would have folded.


Blogger Veneno said...

Nice! Sometimes any kind of win feels good.

12:53 PM


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