Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Still Warm and Fuzzy

Wow. I am still feeling mighty good about last nights win. As you all know I tend to be an emotional player. When I busted out 8th in Thursday nights WWDN it was painful. I was really bumming. Sort of like when Iggy busted me on the bubble in Saturday's With Dr. Pauly. However, I always bounce back fast, and just like Dr. Pauly's I came back the next time and took it all down.

I actually want to examine the KJ pivitol hand a little more also. It was true it was risky, dangerous, etc.. but it also is not totally my move. I read about something like this in Phil Gordons little Green book. I paraphrase but basically Phil likes every once in a while to cold call a flop bet and then raise over the top on the turn. It is a scary thing. It really says either I was trapping you or I have a really good hand your doomed. Now I do not know how he would feel about risking all your chips on a move like this but I liked it. If you have not read the Little Green Book you should. Before I read it I thought of Phil as "That Hollywood Doofus guy". Shows how much Poker history I know. Afterwards though I gained a great deal of respect for him. One thing that was interesting but can be hard to pull of in low-limit poker is the varied bet move. I think most of us either pot it or check-fold. His betting strategy involved putting up between 1/3-3/4th the pot in a random fashion. The only problem with this is alot of donkeys see this as a weak bet and automajically come over the top of you. Use this to your advantage when you can.
Buy the book though. It explains things much better than I ever could. I added a link to the book below in my Amazon section if you want it.

On a brighter note me and Boobs are in negotiations to write "WWDN: Beating the System". As multi-time winners we will share with you our patented secrets to beating the tourney. All this can be yours for the low low price of 19.95+s/h and tax where applicaple.

On that note did I win some entry to some special WWDN winner tourney or something? I thought I read something about that somewhere. Would be a nice cherry on the top! Also, if someone has naming rights, may I suggest "Sir Waffles House of Pain". heh.

Did I forget to mention Iggys all in with the hammer last night? In all my excitement I think I may have. Balls of Steel little Dwarf! Balls of Steel! He not only went all in, but he had a HUGE stack. The kind of stack that easily could have made the final table. A stack bigger than mine. He pushes it all into the middle with the Hammer with 14 or so people left. WOW! I bow to you Sir. One day I hope to be half as good as you.

Ohhhhhh... I almost forgot. My Aqua-Lung came today. It is a little thing. Looks like a vacume but goes the other way. Hope this helps my health improve.

Ok. I am an airhead and my ranting has gone on long enough. Thanks again to everyone who posted, cheered me on, and all that stuff. I hope to be able to build on my meager start. I have a nice working roll at PokerStars with Small starter rolls of $40 and $50 at Titan and Full Tilt. Hopefully I can score in a few small MTTs on these sites and get all three rolls up to healthy status.


Blogger SetAces said...

Congrats on the WWDN score! We all knew it would happen at some point or another.

In tribute to your amazing victory, I will be renaming my blog for one week (even though no-one reads it) to:

"Sir Waffle's House of Pain"

Thanks again for the good read ;)

11:53 AM

Blogger Matt Silverthorn said...

Yes, you're right. You will be playing in one of the WWdN Tournament of Champions for "Big Money" put up by PokerStars. He's yet to schedule the first one, and I believe they are all supposed to be single table events, so you will probably be in the second one.

12:29 PM

Blogger Wes said...

I'm contacting the publisher right now. And you are right, we will make a fortune!

12:29 PM

Blogger iggy said...

Hey so last night there were two all-ins with the hammer by the 2 Iggy's in the tournament (mine of course under the cover of the Wannstache). Although I cannot even begin to place myself in the same category as the BlogFather as he had the stones to do it with 2 tables left and my attempt at glory was with about 50 left.

12:32 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

True. True. Props to you too.. Anyone who is willing to go down in flames with the hammer is my hero. I actually dropped the hammer to the tune of 6K on the final table last night. Everyone folded. Wimps.

1:12 PM

Blogger Matt Silverthorn said...

Heh, the funny thing about that hand is that I folded the hammer when you raised. :-)

However, I got to drop the hammer once myself, so it's all good.

1:23 PM

Blogger jjok said...

Congrats on the win! Well Done!

Can we strike a deal for the BTS publication for treefitty? (not hundreds)

2:21 PM

Blogger littleacornman said...

Congrats Sir Waffles.Not too surprised really.Been expecting to read about you winning an Mtt.Just a matter of time.

Looks like you've found your poker niche.

2:50 AM

Anonymous Ingoal said...

Once again: congrats man! About time you came through in one of the WWdN tourneys!

As for the "WWDN: Beating the System": *lol*, are you accepting pre-orders yet? ;-)

3:42 AM


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