Monday, April 17, 2006

First a little something for the Blog Father. He gives so much to us I felt I needed to give something back to him:


If you think I am on an Uber rant now. Just wait until I copy Kat and start my "100 things you wish you didn't know about SirFWALGman".

So work sucked today. I spent a week doing some work then we decided I did not need to do any of that work. Umm.. Ya. Now on the one hand I am happy the jackasses keep paying me huge sums of money to handle there incompetence. However I like to think my work has some purpose and value. It gives me that little warm fuzzy feeling.. NO NOT THERE! Kat get your mind out of the gutter! So even though I make more when they are idiots I feel like shit. Oh well. Another thirteen hour day cleaning up crap that they screwed up. Sweet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the future, please note whether the link is safe or not safe for work. I clicked on it and immediately had to close it down after I got 4 various porn pop-ups. Living in fear of being escorted out of the building I work in.

9:00 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

It was not for you! Do not open other people's presents.. actually I appologise for that.. sorry. Just think of the conversation you would have at home too "Sorry honey, I got fired for surfing midget porn in work"

12:38 PM


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