Friday, April 14, 2006

Veneno Sucks

I had an up and down night. I won alot of money at 2/4 LHE, then I played a $55/SNG and lost. So I was still up a few bucks. I then made the HUGE mistake of playing Veneno HU. I got all the chips in three times as a massive (80%+ Favorite) and of course I lost to Veneno. KQ vs Q8. AJ vs A8? Nahh. No goot. A7 vs KJ no good. I mean why not call off your entire stack with KJ? It should have been the super donkey. Man you kill me Veneno! I can not get my chips in with a better edge and I CAN NOT WIN! If Veneno ever has a hand where she is ahead of me and all the money goes in she will probably fold it.

Very frustrating. So then she sits down at a 3/6 short table with me. Umm, Yes I have the bankroll to play it, and yes I was steaming mad. SO I win some more money playing 3/6 LHE short. She donks off half her bankroll and sits down with the other half. I tell her to scram and I will follow her to a .10/.25 table. Basically the third hand of the game I flop a SET, get AT to PUSH ALL IN, and VENENO CALLS BEHIND ME FOR MOST OF MY STACK!!! ARG! I knew I was doomed and actually this time she had good odds. K9d. 9 people in pre-flop for a buck. She flops a gutshot and floosh draw. I later donate my final five bucks to her when her A5 outlasts my 88. VENDETTA! VENDETTA ON VENENO! So I went back to the 2/4 ATM, won twelve bucks, ended the night up maybe six, and counted myself lucky!

Anyway.. I still like you Veneno. I just must remove the poison from my system. I would wish you good luck but you already have wayyyyy too much!


Blogger Veneno said...

What can I say? I just love sucking out on

Thanks for saving me from self-destruction. I know I would have busted out on Stars if you didn't urge me to get off the 3/6 table with the last of my roll there.

And as for the luck. You can never have enough good luck wishes. I will take them all.


7:15 AM


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