Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Best Six Bucks Ever

I made a whole six bucks playing 50/NL tonight. It was great. You know why? Because I got runner-runner sucked out on five times. The first hand of NL I played went like this. Flop the nut straight. Bet $4 (pot) on the flop. Get called by the guy with bottom pair gutshot draw. Bet $10 on the turn. Get pushed ALL IN on the turn. Lose to runner-runner flush on the river. *sigh*. Oh and shut up about him being a player Fluxer! He is a moron.

I then decide to play the WWDN. I play a great game and get down to 13 left. I then proceed to be runner-runner flushed against Gracie when I have KQs and she has QJo and the flop is a King. Ouch. I know you were a small stack but did you really think I was behind QJ? Ah well. I can not blame a small stack for moving in. Very next hand I outdraw KQ with Q3. I mean that is until he goes runner-runner straight on my ass.

The best part of the night was the ability to bring my stack back up though. I won the fifty back at a table when I had AA and QQ pushed all in. It held up. I won a few bucks on another table when I had pocket 8's. I raise a weak bet on a Axx flop. He cold calls me and I turn the 8. I then proceed to stack him. He calls me a moron. Umm. Let's see, I make a very small play against you for a few bucks, more than willing to lay my hand down on the turn, and you are willing to donate your whole stack with an Ace with a Nine kicker. umm. Who is the fish?

So basically that gave me a few bucks up for the night. I did have two brutal suckouts against Mookie and the BlogFather too on a cash game. I had 98d and the Blogfather raises on a K8x flop. I think he is full of crap so I re-raise him. Mookie calls behind. I turn the other eight and Mookie doubles me up when he hits a queen on the river! Oops. Sorry Mook. Again, a small chip investment, that got lucky, and ended up paying off. I then proceeded to river the Blogfather when he flopped two pair with 64o. To be fair he did not bet enough until I had him beat on the river. He then pushes all in for 11$ more and I easily stack him. Woo hoo!

Anyway it was a fun night. I got some NASTY sick suckouts and was able to get lucky on a few hands. Tomorrow night is the Mookie and some more 50/NL cash. Peace.


Blogger slb159 said...

You forgot to include what you said to me which I told you that you could post! Lol...nice comeback in the cash game.

6:23 AM

Anonymous mookie99 said...

You should have wrote...Mookie is a sorry player. I played that hand terrible.

9:07 AM

Blogger frodaddy10 said...

And you didn't say shit about DAD coming in and pretty much owning the place. Some journalist you are.

10:26 AM


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