Friday, November 10, 2006

Full Tilt Affiliate Promotion

I was just reading A-Law Poker and he had an interesting post. I doubt this means Full Tilt is going to leave the U.S. market. I do think they believe that U.S. Players and new fish may have a harder time getting funds onto poker sites. If this happens then obviously their U.S. market profits will drop. I hope this is what they are protecting against. I do believe them when they say that they are committed to us players. I also know that if they do dump the U.S. market because they have no choice our funds will be in no danger.

Since we have brought up this subject what are you doing about getting funds in and out of sites? I have not had a need to do either lately but I am not sure how I am going to get my cash when I crush the 25K on FT. I was talking to a co-worker and I mentioned that I should setup a Swiss Bank Account. Do any E-Banks exist? Ones without and ties to the U.S. that will continue to take deposits from Poker sites? It is an interesting question.


Blogger katitude said...

Be nicer to people in foreign countries *grin

2:05 PM

Blogger slb159 said...

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2:36 PM

Blogger slb159 said...

No worries, just sounds like since certain sites have banned US players, Full Tilt wants to gobble up the european players who might think about leaving a said site due to the decrease in number of players there (oh, and canadian players.) Sorry Kat ;).

2:39 PM

Blogger lightning36 said...

I bow down to you, sire. Got my Big Game token for an $8.70 investment. Thanks for the tip!

8:35 PM

Blogger pokerpeaker said...

I put a bunch o money (for me) into three sites: Full Tilt, Poker Stars and Bodog, and will just go with that...I didn't thiink I'd be able to deposit anymore but did figure I could withdraw at any time into Neteller. THAT'S not illegal.

4:42 PM

Blogger TheCrocodile said...

As long as there is online gambling (which there will be indeffinitely in some way shape or form), there will be companies that ignore the US laws and allows funds transfers to occur. Right now I _believe_ that click-to-pay is still allowing US deposits. Honestly I've pulled out of online for the time being except for the occasional transfer of funds from a friends account. Let me know if you find any good ways to reliably depo once the ban really gets into full effect.



10:42 AM

Blogger TraumaPoker said... nuff said

6:23 AM


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