Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Slob Is an Impatient Dork

Not to pick on Slob but I found his post on Full Tilt not paying him to be pretty sad. I can see his point that he did not want to wait to get paid. It is a given. However I tell the guy on Sunday that it is all taken care of and I also ask him to wait until EOD Monday to get his money because Full Tilt is a business and they probably do not work weekend. He then goes ahead and complains he is not getting paid by Full Tilt first thing on Monday. It makes me feel good that I went to bat for a guy who listens so well. NOT!

The other problem I have with the posting is the fact that a company as dedicated to its relationship with the players and especially the Blogger community is not going to start stiffing people for fifty bucks. It just is not going to happen. They have done a lot for a ton of Bloggers. They get alot of name recognition in the community for it. It is a good trade. I just feel Full Tilt has done more than enough to not be treated with that much disrespect. Anyway I have said my piece. All in all what Slb said was not too terrible but Full Tilt deserves more from us than that.


Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

I'm with ya 100% Waffles.

I love the look, feel and style of Tilt. And nope, I get no advertising revenue from them to say so. They are giving me rakeback now, which is yet another strong move by a logical, customer-oriented company.

8:30 AM


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