Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Playing with the Big Boys

Well Don lured me onto a 1/2 NL table again the bastard.. I had to work hard to get the buyin. I deposited $50 from the $200 I took out before I went on tilt and lost my whole $780 bankroll..

I went to a 50/NL table and played a little. I was playing solid. Tough. Poker. It felt good since I had played a lot of Donkey poker in the cash games lately. It was getting on my nerves. So I ran that up to exactly $100..

I then bought into MiamiDon's table. Don had been having a bad night. I think that is why he called in my easy money. He had been playing against Fluxer and while the two of them did not bump heads much it was funny to watch. Later on Mr. Dreamy sits down.. and finally this is the table I am faced with.

So basically you would expect me to get stacked. Except I got lucky. I played really well and I took some nice pots. I bought in for an initial $80.. then Mr. Dreamy started teasing me.. So I upped it to an AMAZING $100!

Early on I have pocket 3's. I flop a set on a 3-diamond board.. and I play it hard and fast. I get the other guy all in on the turn after cold calling his flop bet. he has a gut shot and diamond draw which he misses and I am out of the gate.

I remember playing a few other hands.. One hand where Fluxer tried to bluff me off a pot with king high. I had JJ and there were two queens on the board. I felt it was a bluff but was kind of scared to call as this would lose me half my stack. I thought it was equal chance Fluxer was putting pressure on me and he had a monster hand. I let the time run down then did the right thing and called. It felt like a bluff. It was. Phwehhhwww.

The other big hand of the night was against Smokeee. I call a $5 bet pre-flop with AJo. The flop gives me a gutshot and Smokkee leads out for $8. I could feel he wanted me in the pot. I thought he might even have a monster like KK. A king was on the board. So I call. The gutshot comes on the turn. So now a straight and a flush draw is on the board. I think he made a decent size bet here and I min-raised or just cold called. The river was a blank and I overbet the pot for $200. Smokkee thinks about it for a long time.. I think I taunted him a little.. and finally he calls. He turns over KJ s00ted for top pair and monster missed draws. I told him I thought it was a bad call.. and I still do.. just because it was me. I can not imagine at this point in time that I would bluff off half of my hard earned stack at this limit.

So I finally decided to call it a night. Not immediately.. but the hand with Fluxer gave me a neck ache, and the hand with Smokee made it travel down to my spine, and then my head started hurting, and I swear my heart stopped a few times. All in all I figured after five hours of play at 5AM in the morning it was time to call it a night. I had run $50 up to $700 in one night and well.. that does not happen often.. so it was time to go.

Poker is a weird beast. I lose over $580 in a few day period of tilt.. then I have the best single night I can remember in a while and make $700 playing cash.. I have never made that much in one night playing a cash game. Although I have come close. I feel the 1/2 game calling me.. I think I can play it. I sure as hell enjoy it. It will probably have to wait a while though.. until I am properly bankrolled.

I will say if you have a lot of money you should consider renting Fluxer for a game.. He puts a table on tilt like no one else I have ever seen.. I think in part it is why Smokkee called my big river bet.. he was thinking he was playing Fluxer.. Anyway, enjoy your work day you donkeys! I will enjoy my unemployment!!!!


Blogger ScottMcM said...

I use to stay up at night just because you were in a $25 max NL game now that you are playing $200 max I will never leave the house again. My travel agent is so happy to hear you got a little coin in your pocket. Next stop the $5-$10 limit tables for you :)

Dream the Dream

7:28 AM

Blogger smokkee said...

ya, you can thank Fluxer for that pot. i was freerollin with his chips and put you on a missed draw when i made the call. glad Flux and i could help your cause.

7:46 AM

Blogger Wes said...

Bankroll management? You now have a buy-in for 5/10 NL. Come play with me!

7:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hopefully you're back at the $1/2 table again tonight and the rest of the crew/donktards are with you.

That was the most fun playing I've had in a while. Too bad I was the Super Donkey last night.

9:30 AM

Blogger Fuel55 said...

When you head out to play with Wes send me a note ...

9:52 AM

Blogger Gnome said...

The cash games are fantastic. Hope to see you keep winning there.

11:11 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Fuel.. I would LOVE to play with you anytime. Wes give me a call when your out of high school or something and we can have a drink together.

11:53 AM

Blogger Veneno said...

I had a blast! Wish I had gotten there earlier.

Thanks for the invite (I think you just meant for me to watch)..but there was no way I could resist playing on that table.

Nice to see you quit while you were waaaaaaaaayyyy ahead. Congrats!

10:43 PM


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