Sunday, December 24, 2006

Pro vs the Fool Part Duex

So when I last left you I thought I had won our first Pro vs Fool match up but in reality I just did not read Don's convoluted bets correctly and the score stands at Don +2 the Fool -2. Since then I have been betting on everything that moves and figuring out how this whole thing works. I am break even to this point.

Anyway.. for this weeks picks I am throwing in a nice five team parlay to spice things up. First the individual bets:

(339) San Diego Chargers vs. (340) Seattle Seahawks Under 46 Sun@4:15p
(345) New York Jets +2½
(331) Chicago Bears -6 (-105) Sun@1:00p

Then I am doing this whopping big five bet parlay for the big money baby.

(319) New Orleans Saints vs. (320) New York Giants Under 47½
(325) Indianapolis Colts vs. (326) Houston Texans Under 47
(331) Chicago Bears -4½
(337) Cincinnati Bengals +3
(339) San Diego Chargers -4½

Who knows what will happen with the fools picks. It could be the week when the luck of the picks comes through and I make a HUGE score baby! HUGE! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I did very well this weekend on MiamiDonks bowl picks. He is very good at the college thing.


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