Friday, December 15, 2006

The Fools Picks: Week 15

Ok. This is a really tough week. A ton of games you know the team that is going to win but the spreads are so high it gets tough to pick. Now normally being a gambooler I like to do parlays and do a single team bet to cover. This week I could not find a 5-team parlay I really liked. So my picks are going to be TWO single team bets and a 3-team parlay. Normally I will be doing 1-Single Team, 1 3-team, and 1 5-team. Hopefully worse case I would break even.

Over Indy vs Bungles (54.5) 2 Units to win 2 Units
I like the over here. It is a HUGE freaking over but I think this game could easily see a losing team with 30 points. I hope this game just goes ape shit and we have a blood bath going.

3-Team Parlay - The HUGE Spreads 1 Unit to win 6 units
I have no real faith that either Chicago or Sandiego will cover.. but we will see. I think I have a shot here.. as well as Miami playing poorly in the cold.
Buffalo +1
Chicago -14
Sandiego -9

Dallas +4 1 unit to win 1 unit
I like Dallas and I think Romo has a good game this weekend. At least I hope so. I really think they will hunker down and pull this one out.

So those are the fools picks for the weekend. We will have to wait for the Pro to make his picks.


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