Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rebuy Ehhh?

Katitudes Friday night bash is without a doubt the most fonkiest donkey fucking game ever.. and actually a whole hell of a lot of fun. Tonight I played against one of the best donkey players in the world, an English chap napped Alf. Unlike Iggy I will link you if you send me your url.

In the end we degenerated to making more egregious donkey calls against each other and swapping stacks back and forth for most of the night. All of this was after the rebuy period was over. It all started out all innocent like. I have a decent stack going and as I have been trying to do I decide to play aggressive. So I raise pre-flop and get called by said donkayy and the flop comes down AQT. Now my buddy Alfie does not have me covered and I have raised pre-flop and I have a gut shot and a pair.. so I decide to be aggressive and put him in. He makes the call and what do you think he flips up? Well on that board it must be a straight or AK at the least right? I mean I chose a bad place to bluff right? Well you decide..

So now I have this guy pegged as a fonkey who is going to call anything I bet.. So a few hands later I look down and see 99.. I still have his azz covered and so I raise my 9's up pre-flop. He comes OVER THE TOP of me and I make the call. Now he must have at the very least AK right? I mean he saw a strong raise and felt his hand was ever stronger and pushed his entire stack into the middle with it. No, instead he has the hand that I named: The CoxLover. Q fucking J! What the hell?

So by now I am seething mad and have called Mr. Alf a retarded moron motherfucker about nineteen times. If I was really mad it would have been worse. I know it is a 1$ rebuy but the lucksackedness I have seen has driven me over the edge and it is payback time.

So we get into this beauty. He shoves again pre-flop when I have limped with a weak hand like KQ. I say "Whatever.. I quit.. Enjoy my chips"... and then this happens.

The rest of the game we both kept making equally donkish moves against one another. I finally chilled out and relaxed and ended up having a good time. I was not said to see him go though!!! heh.

I ended up outlasting him and bubbling when I pushed a weak ace into Pokerwolf's AA. I fucking owe PokerWolf a beating as he has gotten me the last few times we have played. Good job taking it down Wolfie! He collected the extra bonus of Baynes double bounty for taking me out. Make sure you get you ten bucks!!!!


Blogger Littleacornman said...

I think you've found Alfs weak spot.As a Scotsman he's gonna hate being called English!Hope you've managed to tilt him for the Britbloggerment game on Stars tomorrow.( ye can take another shot at him there if yer up for it)

7:46 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Oops I forgot.. lol.

7:49 AM

Blogger bayne_s said...


Why you inflating the bounty?

I transferred wolf a well earned $6 ast night

10:50 AM

Blogger Miami Mark said...

Hey Waffles, Alf here... I've got 2 great excuses for my donkery last night... very drunk and cheap tourney (I think I actually paid $5 but still looked on it as a $1 tourney). I enjoyed the game last night but looking back in trying to get you to tilt (and then only play premium hands with you after establishing the donky image) I think I busted myself out with some bad luck and some very bad play!! Hope you play the Brit bloggers tourney on Sunday, would be good to have another clash without the insults (drunk induced) and some better play (drunk induced ;), or just so I can get even for being called English... :)

Nice blog btw,


9:57 PM

Blogger Pokerwolf said...

It's fun, as always, to sling chips around with you, Eggos. I'll see you next Friday where I'll happily continue to raise when I'm seated on your right.

11:49 AM


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