Saturday, April 14, 2007

Victory is MINE!

So my hard work and donkifying of my game is starting to pay off. First off I know I am on the right track because EVERYONE is calling me a donkey and asking when I will implode and spew chips and becoming extremely violent with me. Now normally you would think this is a bad thing. However I think back to the past..

When I coined the name Sucko for Lucko...
when I called CJ a fucking Luckbox bastard
.. when I berated Smokkee for an aggressive push ..
.. when I could not fathom that call by Ick ...

These are the guys in our group who win a lot of MTTs so if your calling me the same names as them I MUST be doing something right..

The other more solid proof is that my results are starting to show up. In the last eight blogger games I have played I have had the top chip lead for a great deal of the game.. I have won one of these games and bubbled a couple ..

In the past 4 MTT games I have played this week I have made 3 final tables and cashed 3rd once.. I know the games are smaller right now and the cashes are a few hundred bucks for a five or ten dollar buyin but I am showing a lot of success.. not to mention doubling my bankroll and having almost a foothold of a bankroll on Full Tilt now..

I have also had some bad games especially tokens lately.. but all in all I think the results are coming along. I am staying very aggressive throughout the entire game once the blinds hit 100 and not slowing down for the bubble much. I have changed my view on what I should be shoving with and when I should be making calls and those few adjustments have helped.. all in all I am getting closer. I still have problems with the very aggressive 1-18 spots but I seem to be making better decision.

Hopefully I will continue to see results as I play more and more MTTs every day. I am still going to keep to the lower buyins for now.. and play some tokens to mix it up and give me a shot at a bigger payday. Obviously the players will be a little better in these and I will probably have to adjust some more.


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