Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Whateverthefuckyoucelebrate

Christmas was a pretty fun time.. my daughter got a Guitar (not signed by any bloggers) and she may actually have some talent. I mean she was just banging out noise strumming all the strings (she is only four for Christ sakes) but she actually had some rhythm going. My son is probably hopeless. To be fair he would probably get better with lessons or something.. where I would not have a snowballs chance in hell of ever being musical.. he can always fall back on the recorder too.

My son's favorite gift was the NINTENDO GAME CUBE w/ MARIO BROTHERS BASEBALL. He has all the traits of a bad looser. He starts schooling me by winning the first six games straight.. he is singing "It's my birthday! It's my birthday!" rubbing it in thick.. so then I get the hang of the game a little and smash him in a couple of games and destroy and humiliate him 18-3 in one. He is in tears. I am such a good dad. I smacked him and told him to grow up. It is a fucking cold world. He is still a bad looser. I need to work with him on that a little.

I do not even know what I got for Christmas.. I think like a hundred buck Visa card. Instead of depositing it on Full Tilt I am sending it directly to Scott. I had a decent time though. I have been playing "not-poker" for the past few days. "Not-poker" is your basic 6-max capped game. I know this is "Not-Poker" because I am actually winning. I am pretty much killing the game. I am up 6 buyins in a couple of days. I have had my share of bad beats but for the most part I am so far ahead and they have no draws at all which mitigates my bad luck. Some cases in point are hands where I flop a set of sevens and some dude calls my all in with Ace high. Now I *could* lose that hand.. but even my luck is not always that bad. I have the roll up to a meager amount but it is going in the right direction so we will see what happens. Later.


Blogger mookie99 said...

Bad loser? Gee where ever did he learn that ?? haha

Happy holidays!

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