Friday, December 07, 2007

Vegas Tonight Baby

Played the always wonderful Riverfuckers last night. Made one really bad call. Then I jammed my last 400 chips in and got two callers. My AQ obviously was no good against KQ and that was all she wrote. I actually got called 2 ways and would have made a smashing comeback if I won that hand. Oh well.

Tonight I will in Vegas drinking with some slubs I have not seen for over a year. I did not get a chance to get my traditional buzz so I will actually have hair for this trip.. unless I lose a drunken bet to Bad Blood and let him shave my head. He has mad skillz in that area.

I really look forward to meeting a bunch of new people. I promise I am not as crazy as I appear in the mirror. Well.. maybe I am.. but I am pretty mellow in person at least until you get a few beers into me. I have absolutely no plans for the weekend except hitting the sports book with Don on Sunday and playing the blogger tourney. Everything else is open. It kinda sucks I missed Sushi with CK because I love me some fish. Next year maybe I can make it a whole week. Who knows.

Oh and go give my friend Ron a quick visit. He started a blog and maybe we corrupt him and make him play some online poker. We lost touch after he moved back to NY but he was always a good friend. I have told the "most drunk I have ever been" story here before but I may have to retell it because Ron is the one who brought me to the party.

Flight leaves at 8:25 (I hope) and touchdown in Vegas is 11:30.. See you at the MGM before Midnight or else I might turn into a pumpkin. Peace.


Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Don and I even cleaned the house in commemoration of your arrival! See ya in a few hours baby.

8:15 AM


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