Monday, January 14, 2008

Picks and Shit

Ok. fuck it. You can have my cooler powers. I apologize to Mike and Smokkee up front. I am taking GB to win it, and San Diego to lose but to cover the points. These are my picks. Support your local cooler so he can keep betting sports.

As far as last nights 15th place win.. thanks to everyone for your support. It was an interesting night. I could have gone out much earlier as I pushed cards into Aces twice in the final 75 or so. First time I was totally fine with it. I had 46s and a REALLY short stack.. and if your going to crack aces thats a good hand to do it with. The river gave me a straight. The second time was somewhat painful. Especially with the KK flop to give me hope.

I do not consider 15th place "Good work" or "Well done" or any such crap as that. It is basically failure. I do appreciate the friends I have but as I have always said I expect more of myself. In some ways getting knocked out 15th hurts more than going out 100th. I have been going deep in a lot more tourneys lately so some medium or large score is hopefully coming. I do have no regrets on how I played any hand in the MTT. I even laid down a hand when I was getting odds to call. It was an interesting decision and opens a lot of discussion.

The situation is basically I have 40k in chips. Blinds are something like 3-4k. The big stack to my right on the SB limps. I check behind with A5. Probably could have raised here but I hate going busto with a weak ace. So besides that possible mistake. The flop comes out KQ5. Not a great flop. The large stack bets out for 2k. I re-raise him to 10k thinking he might be stealing or might laydown his hand to aggression since he limped pre-flop. Possibly better to just take a free card. Anyhow the interesting part. There are like 50 people left at this point. He re-raises me all in. If I fold I have 27k left and I am getting good odds on my money. I am likely behind. I decided to let my hand go though. I figured I would have enough chips left to keep going and get to a point where I can double up if I fold. Even though the math might say go ahead and call I think survival takes precedence here. Although I think I probably made many mistakes in this hand the eventual fold is not one of them in my opinion. Commence bashing.


Blogger jamyhawk said...

I agree that you survive. I like the re-raise, but he is telling you he has you beat with the all in.

Getting good odds doesn't pay off much 3 or 4 hands later in a tournament, like it could in a ring game.

1:36 PM

Blogger Mike Maloney said...

You're dead to me.

2:37 PM

Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Even though it hurts, congrats on 15th. If you keep getting to 15th, eventually you are going to get the cards you need to close it out.

I like your thinking the entire way on that hand. I would just raise a bit lighter. 8k will probably do the same thing as 10k. But, all in all, once he raises, you ave got the answer to the question you are asking. He has you beat, and the HoP #1 Rule of Poker is When you know you are behind, fold.

6:24 PM

Blogger Matt said...

Good work!

Well done!


11:13 PM


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